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No-fuss vegetable broth for soup season

Cool weather naturally has me turning to tummy-warming soups and stews that benefit from homemade vegetable broth. I make broth on farmers’ market day when I come home loaded with vegetables that need to be trimmed to fit in the fridge—and I use those trimmings for my broth. 217 more words


Our Journey ~ The More I Learn

I’ve mentioned already that I’m taking this time of forced inactivity to learn all I can. That includes reading some wonderful blogs, but it goes beyond that. 562 more words

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Toronto's Only Urban Homesteading Store

Little House In The City truly is a hidden gem in this city – maybe even the entire country!

Located at 555 Parliament St., just around the corner from the ever popular Riverdale Farm, Little House In The City is Toronto’s first urban homesteading and sustainable living store . 269 more words


Once Upon A Farm

I think almost every blog starts with a getting to know you post and mine will be no different. I think telling your story is where all blogs, and all journeys, begin, so let me tell you mine. 932 more words

Sustainable Living

New Beginnings

For ages I’ve wanted my own piece of land, to be able to grow my own food and live a lifestyle that meant even if fossil fuels run out in my lifetime or the dinosaurs suddenly awaken from a prehistoric slumber to crush all of civilization.. 477 more words


A Fig in Minnesota!

This has been a topic I have wanted to write about for a long time.  But due to a slow progression in this experiment, lack of actual results, the loss of some of my original photos of this project’s inception, and my habit of starting something and then setting it on the back burner for a while, an aritcle about growing figs in Minnesota has been well over three years in the making. 1,139 more words


Autumn Air

It’s turned cool and rainy here, bringing the definite feel of autumn to the garden.  Although spring came late and summer was cooler than normal, most of  my plants are already done for the year.  95 more words

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