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The Great Garlic Harvest

Doesn’t that sound like the title of a Charlie Brown movie? I thought so…Summer always begins with the harvesting of our October planted garlic and the blossoming of tomatoes in our house. 595 more words

Growing the three sisters: day 64

The saying “knee high by the 4th of July” for corn has gone a little ahead of schedule: the corn stalks are now well above my hips and are only getting larger. 168 more words


Incubating chicken eggs.

This is the second in a four-post series about hatching eggs from our 5 deceased laying hens who fell victim to a predator, along with nearly all of their temporary flock-mates, during their transitional stay at… 188 more words


Purple vinegar

If you haven’t tasted vinegar mixed with berries, you’re in for a treat. Berry-laced vinegar has a sweet acidity and is great on salads—cucumber salad, potato salad, green salad, roasted vegetable salad, etc. 165 more words


Garden Flood

This year our spring has been rainy (and so has lots of other people’s). This was our garden two days ago. It has cleared out now, but in the past we have lost plants near the edge of the garden to excessive moisture. 7 more words

Frugal Living

Mother Earth News Fair: Herbal Tinctures, Goat Milking and Cider Making

A couple of weeks ago we drove down to the Washington State Fairgrounds for the Mother Earth News Fair, organized by the famous granola-crunching magazine. I pitched it to my husband as a learning trip: he would get to listen to other herbal medicine professionals and learn to make his own tinctures and extracts. 649 more words


First harvest 2014

This spring we have harvested our first vegetable – spinach. It seeds itself and we pick it early. Whatever we don’t eat we blanch and freeze for the winter. 23 more words

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