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Beef Jerky

This guy really loves beef jerky. Everyone who walked by him in Union Square Park couldn’t help but smile.

Also featuring Wendell!

New York City

Widening streets for safety?

One of the biggest misconception in planning is that widening streets will make the environment safer. This is particularly believed by traffic engineers who’s main aim in their profession is the efficiency of vehicle traffic. 612 more words



Glasgow, Scotland; 23.11.2014
M240; 50mm Summilux

Street Photography

Flushed With Hope: How to Solve the World's Sanitation Problems in Three Steps!

International cooperation in the service of a good cause is still an all-too-rare phenomenon, but there is perhaps one objective above all which the world’s major countries have neglected to a truly disturbing extent: sanitation. 414 more words

Economic Development

Lawnmowers Ghost Sign in Oakland

I spotted this on the corner of 44th St. and MLK Jr. Way in the Longfellow section of Oakland, CA — a ghost sign for Lawnmowers, in the shape of a saw. 8 more words

Urban Life

Mumbai: An Urban Hell

It used to be India’s urban showpiece. Today, its sceptre and crown have fallen down and, in a phase of cynical destruction masquerading as “development”, 953 more words

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