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OMG I love Nashville

So I started watching this show…you may have heard of it…Nashville. It’s a country and western music show based in…you guessed it! Nashville. My husband likes to go to bed early and I’m a bit of a night owl, so I like to have a series on the go that I can watch on my own – late at night as I wind down before bed. 1,044 more words

What school is your child going to?

Back to School Season.  Are you loving all the cute pictures of first days?  I am so grateful for social media allowing us to rejoice and celebrate this transition period.   918 more words




The 2 inch plastic soldiers died,

terrible deaths, off the back porch,

or by being crushed with rocks.

Some medieval knights perished too,

on a regular basis. 108 more words

Columbus is catching up on this trend!


I love it when I read articles about the rise in personal concierge service! Especially the ones published almost 10 years ago.

DMG Concierge has been serving the Columbus community since 2003. 50 more words

Innovations in Urban Architecture - Making Use of Small Spaces

Guest Blogger: Monica Gomez

As the world’s population continues to grow, the amount of space available for building home and office space is naturally set to decline. 659 more words


More anxiety-causing than trying on a bikini - seeing if your fridge fits.

My fridge has been limping along in questionable health for nearly two years now. At least, that’s when I first started hearing it rev itself up like Herbie the Love Bug at odd hours of the night. 413 more words


I have a BETTER bucket challenge for you.

I think it’s great how the Ice Bucket challenge has raised awareness of ALS. I’m glad people started clarifying that really, the thing to do is BOTH share a video of yourself getting iced AND donate to the cause. 319 more words