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Saturday morning football in London, UK

London, UK, images, Saturday, a.m., gardens, lawn, wall, football 6 more words


"The Parliamentary Estate is monitored by security cameras" in London, UK

London, UK, images, security, surveillance, guarding, CCTV, closed-circuit television, monitors, 24 hours, footage, suspicious, caught on camera, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, security guards 8 more words


Help finding the missing cat in London, UK

London, UK, images, signs, communication, loving animals, cats, pets, conmpanion animals, missing, please keep your eyes open, search, streets, places, home 8 more words


Opportunity (Not Yet) Lost!

Looking at the current price of gas (less than two dollars in many places), I wonder if we’re not missing an opportunity. Over the last few years, it’s been reported that our transportation infrastructure is aging to the point of failure. 284 more words


The practice of riding one's bicycle on the pavement in London, UK

London, UK, images, daily sights, bicycle, push bike, bike, riding the bike on the pavement, sounding the bell, pedestrians, dismounting, dangerous streets, traffic, accidents, fatalities, road traffic accidents, bike lanes, safety, safety helmet, high visibility clothing 13 more words


Turning one's mobile phone off in London, UK

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