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Imagine a city that fosters community, where space isn’t wasted but shared with others – Brian Chesky (co-founder of AirBnB)

AirBnB embodies the concept of shared cities, borrowed cities.

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Shapes and outlines (2) Walls

Defining the volumes you see from the urban space can sometimes mean drawing elements that have no usable floor area, as walls. A part of the most interesting spaces in historic Paris, mainly in the areas with “hotels particuliers” is defined through walls hiding from the view courtyards or gardens much bigger than the public space. 45 more words

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Urban Planning 101: SHOPS GIVE AWAY BAGS

The effectiveness of advertising, endorses marketing strategists’ efforts further to strengthen the sustainable distribution of their bags through unusual design, (hopefully) sustainable, waterproof materials, and the potential for re use. 476 more words

Urban Planning

Puzzle Pic: Where is this 'hypermarket' proposed for?

In Europe, they call this a hypermarket:

From Cities for People:

The Mid-West in the 1950’s? Could be, but it’s the prospect of…

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Photos: ‘Jenga-like’ hotel made from recycled shipping containers

TORONTO – Architects based in Hong-Kong-have designed an eye-popping hotel composed of recycled shipping containers stacked on top of one another.

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Ray Spaxman: "Is anyone else concerned?"

From Ray Spaxman, Director of Planning in Vancouver (1973-89):

Yesterday I visited a professional office on Seymour Street and one of the partners took me to an office on the east side of his building and said something like, 563 more words

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Mr. Spaxman asks us: "Is anyone else concerned?

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