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Wanchai - Photo "Painting"

For once, this post is a photography technique post, breaking with the usual idea of letting pictures speak for themselves.

I call this series photo “painting”, because it involves a specific process to give them a look that reminds of paintings: 237 more words


Peter Visits the City of the Ultimate Contrast...Varanasi

The ultimate contrast because for one of the oldest continually inhabited city in the world, Varanasi has quiet the death wish. Hindus believe dying in Varanasi frees them of the eternal cycle of death and rebirth…so many of them actually come here in their dying days! 150 more words


Evgeniya Revisits A Sultan's Folly--Daulatabad

To be fair Muhammed bin Tughlaq was not the only sultan to have shifted his capital out of Delhi. Akbar, the great Mughal Emperor, started construction of a new capital Fatehpur Sikri more than 200 years after Tughlaq declared this town in Maharashtra to be his capital. 243 more words


Aditya Takes in the History and Grandeur of the Houseboats on Dal Lake

There is an interesting story behind the creation of these floating palaces on Dal Lake, in Srinagar. The British, preferred to journey north to Kashmir, and its capital Srinagar, to escape the summer heat of the plains. 276 more words


Juniwasaki Watches an Icon Drive Away in Kolkatta

Those yellow taxis clicked on the streets of Kolkatta will soon become extinct. The Ambassador, Amby, king of Indian roads, has been strutting its stuff up and down the country since its introduction in the late 1950s. 501 more words