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That Beef Brisket - Meatmaiden

My Dear Readers, do you remember the short lived restaurant Little Hunter? It had some great success but after only what felt like 6 months, it closed its doors due to financial issues. 849 more words


St. Sasha of the Night - Part Two

Tuesday night


Sasha Bunmi-Watkins tips his head to the concierge’s desk as he crosses Acacia Grande Central’s modest lobby in the direction of the lifts. Unless he’s fabricating things, the young man behind the counter with his face buried in something, who doesn’t seem to care that someone has just entered the building at the very dead of night, is the same young man who checked him in a few days ago in a way quite unbefitting someone in the hospitality trade; whose nametag identified and still identifies him as Lachlan with no apparent last name. 4,640 more words


So I’ve been writing reviews on Urbanspoon for a couple of years now and have come across  restaurants getting great reviews for shit, pretentious food, while some of my favourite restaurants are over looked or, if they’re lucky, given unfair reviews.   152 more words


Doggy Date - Mr Hendricks

I never need an excuse to go out for brunch because I simply adore going out on the weekends and enjoying a hearty breakfast and good cup of coffee. 685 more words


I Didn't Not Like It (Miku)

But to say I liked it would extend my feelings towards Miku just too far into the realm of discomfort.  Located along Vancouver’s waterfront, if you manage to nab a window table, Miku serves up a beautiful skyline view with their innovative japanese fusion cuisine. 788 more words


Suburban Thai - Som Tam

Good afternoon my Dearest Reader’s hope you’re all enjoying your weekend :) I’m not sure if you remember my friend Garfield, we’ve been friends since high school and he LOVES Thai food. 1,180 more words


Let's Talk Taco (Damso Modern Korean Cuisine)

Because taco is what Damso does well.  In fact, taco is what Damso does best.  The former location of Sanpachi Ramen house, I walked by last night to see the brand new Damso advertising 50% off opening prices and if you’re no stranger, you know that I harbour an often absurd affinity to both tacos and frugality. 455 more words