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Whats it all about?

It’s my world in photography. Just another strange and odd way to show the things I snap. Share the places I visit. Show the people I meet… 182 more words


Mother Earth

At the fringe of this neglected community garden area, there was a strange, landscaped new-age prayer circle thing. It wasn’t peaceful, inspirational, meditative etc… just a bit weird, kitsch, humorous, tacky and kinda creepy. 184 more words


Roof Top Vibes.. Churchy!

Here’s the follow-up post from ‘Churchy’ of the roof top which I experienced while exploring this Abandoned Church within Sheffield.

Several small wooden stairs needed to be climbed in order to reach the roof which was just past the original bell tower room, as the stairs progressed they seemed weaker and full of pigeon sh*t which made the climb that slight bit harder! 169 more words


Quality & Service

This former research facility we explored earlier in the year- offered many surprises… Other videos from this location can be found; here, here, here, here & here


Away Day to the Infirmary of Derelict Rooms

I do like a trip out and this place was too big an opportunity to miss. I won’t bore you with the history (can’t be bothered to research it!) just know, it’s huge, and it’s incredible how much stuff has been left here. 384 more words