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Liquid black.  Streaming down my legs as I reach up & pull myself out of the water.  Like cleaning a paintbrush that’s been dipped in black paint, the diluted black continues to drip.   145 more words

Urban Explorers + My Dog Is A Lunatic

Down by the Rose St Markets in Fitzroy there’s an old car park that they’re re-vamping. Me and a friend snuck in and had a look around.  233 more words


Urbex at Space Monkeys Institute

Interesting visit in abandoned laboratory complex situated somewhere in the disputed territory and partially recognized state of Abkhazia located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea and the south-western flank of the Caucasus.The Institute is widely believed to have been the the home of a freakish Stalin-era experiment in inseminating female monkeys with human sperm, with the aim of creating a strong-bodied, weak-brained subcaste to help build the glorious Soviet future. 41 more words

Photo Narratives



His leg didn’t look good.  & there was blood.  Rivulets created a map in to the snow as it dripped from his leg.  Ironically he was sitting right in front of a hospital. 1,404 more words




This is a love story.

Once upon a time there was a little house in the middle of town.  A husband & wife lived there.  While He went to work, She took care of things.   337 more words



Step aboard.  Pick any seat. Sit down & close your eyes.

This is your break.  Before you break.  You didn’t pack, because there were no plans.   180 more words



I drove past this site the other day, and being a site that’s being demolished, I thought I’d better pop in and have a look before it was all gone. 52 more words