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Urbex at abandoned airport

Abandoned since 2001 this airport had been operating under Olympic Airlines in Greece. Loads of collapsed and empty rooms, no aircrafts left but some relics of the main halls in decay made it a great spot to visit!

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Urbex at Sanatorium Zoloto

Soviet Sanatorium bombed and found  in the middle of the woods around the suburbian districts of the capital of Abkhazia. Some incredible details on staircases and marbled surfaces!

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Urbex at Siniy train station

Siniy train station with its all faded away light blue surfaces, burned down and left in total decay after the war is still standing there in one of the industrial regions of Abkhazia!

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Urbex at abandoned Ministry

Pretty much wrecked after the bombing, this Ministry building is situated in the heart of the capital of Abkhazia rotting in his own past glory!

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Urbex at abandoned bus station

Amazing decay in this abandoned Soviet bus station in the capital of Abkhazia! Strong architectural patterns, colours and textures!

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…fly away Peter…

When I saw this dead bird the lines from the Nursery rhyme “Two little Dicky Birds” just came to me

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Eerie Hosssssss

Abandoned Hospital, Wakefield (September 2014)

Here is the Hospital which was part of the Abandoned Morgue within the previous post.

This explore to date has been one of my favourites, I believe I say this for every post now!? 210 more words