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Urbex at Maison Hommel

Maison Hommel, an old, small house in an even smaller village of Luxembourg, all rusty and decayed by now as time dates back to ages ago! 14 more words

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Urbex at Maison Kirsch

A traditional Luxembourg residency in decay definitely for a while now as it has been abandoned since the late ’60s. Maison Kirsch; its name comes from the volume of kirsch (cherry brandy) that the owners were making. 16 more words

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URBEX: the van

While on our way to a potential UrbEx site, we stubbled upon this little gem -a really old, abandoned van. 68 more words


Urbex at abandoned soviet factory

A vast site full of Russian machinery located in one of the industrial cities of Abkhazia. A beautiful exploration revealing the great mystery of a past era!

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URBEX: La Ferme Tapioca

This farm was abandoned by its owners in 1995. I do not know what the reason is, but what is left of it today is an urban explorer’s paradise. 68 more words


No Trespassing

‘’Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures’’

In April 2014, I experienced my first urbex adventure. The art of urbex is finding and capturing abandoned buildings. 156 more words