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Urbex at Tapioca Farm

Abandoned farmhouse since 1995 lies in decay somewhere in Belgium. A dilapidated exterior which compensates with an interior in better condition. Many furniture and objects left behind building up the atmosphere from the past!

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The Forbidden Land: Did I Do Something Illegal?

Ominous title, yes? You can relax, though; nothing illegal was done here. But under other circumstances, could it have been?

Allow me to explain. This shot was taken with a very high-powered Sigma zoom that resembles a telescope. 316 more words


Exploring the rusty old cars

A bunch of rusty old cars forgotten in a backyard in the middle of nowhere. Covered with snow, these old treasures dating back to years ago made it for some great compositions!  6 more words

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Secret journey on the Orient Express

Had a tour of this lost gem on my birthday! Orient Express; another abandoned ghost train, all rusty and decayed situated on an active rail site where a lot of trains pass by. 17 more words

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Mural update with Mesa in Spain

Following the last mural in Bilbao, Spanish artist Mesa spent some time painting a couple of new murals, one in Zorrotzaurre, Bilbao and the other in Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz. 86 more words


Urbex at Terre Rouge

This abandoned steel factory was opened in 1872 and expanded during the 1910s. In the 1950s there was less demand for steel and in 1977 they completely stopped production. 46 more words

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