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Urbex at Maison Hommel

Maison Hommel, an old, small house in an even smaller village of Luxembourg, all rusty and decayed by now as time dates back to ages ago! 14 more words

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Run! (2014)

Hendey Machine Company – Torrington, Connecticut

As you have seen from previous posts from Hendey, the factory is huge…after the long walk down the shop floor I realized that there was only the one way in (or out). 57 more words


Nautilus Staircase

When JuniorBBQ met us for the first time in Detroit to explore the Packard plant, at one point she remarked, “You guys really like stairs!”.  And I suppose it’s true. 62 more words



Walking around the remains of what was Talgarth Asylum

Barbed wire and broken windows

Looking at the water tower

Looking in: Remains of what once was. 55 more words

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Further In (2014)

Hendey Machine Company – Torrington, Connecticut

I am about midway through the length of this structure which dates back to just after the first World War. 11 more words