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All that remains

Now in an advanced state of decay and due to be demolished very soon, this is all that remains of the harbour station at Folkestone, UK. 85 more words


Abandoned Transformer Station

After hiking for well more than an hour through the Japanese countryside, past fields and hamlets, up and down the winding streets… roads… paths… the Abandoned Transformer Station appeared out of nowhere at the other side of a small mountain river two meters below me – and once again I had to ask myself the eternal urbex question: Do I really want to cross that bridge? 359 more words


Going Down?

Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming

-Isaiah 14:9


 You were expecting maybe subtlety?



” 60 Minute Makeover”

A photo from a our explore around Stallington Hall Psychiatric Hospital in Staffordshire. The photo caption is humorously ironic especially if you are familiar with the TV programme 60 minute makeover as the place has been completely and utterly trashed and at one point I nearly went through the floorboards when exploring further into one of the fire damaged rooms. 82 more words


Stressed Bench

This bench looked a little stressed out, been a while since it seen any action

Dop Melbourne

Urban Explorers + My Dog Is A Lunatic

Down by the Rose St Markets in Fitzroy there’s an old car park that they’re re-vamping. Me and a friend snuck in and had a look around.  233 more words