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Step aboard.  Pick any seat. Sit down & close your eyes.

This is your break.  Before you break.  You didn’t pack, because there were no plans.   180 more words



Growing up Catholic, nothing was stranger or more horrifying than confession. I’m sure there are people who find this sacrament cleansing. I’ve heard people speak of a feeling of starting with a “blank slate” (no, that’s not where my name comes from) after confessing their sins. 214 more words


Urbex's Ugly Beauty

I read this article on the Chicago Reader, it was written by Edward McClelland. It was about “Urbex”, a term they been using to call the art of photographing decaying buildings: like old hospitals, churches, schools, theaters, and any other building that has been abandoned and left to the mercy of nature. 463 more words

Old Buildings

Urbex Shoot Part 2 (when its hot and the model is melting... take a cigar break)

Part 2: So for this particular shoot it started off as an Urban Exploration shoot of some sort, but ended with more of a “Street Photography” feel. 943 more words

Warm Shadows

Warm Shadows


Abandoned Palace (PL) 2013

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…being the careless arrangement of information carefully arrayed.


grängesberg abandonments (SE)

This town in Sweden has several interesting abandoned buildings and sites and is well known among Swedish urban explorers. The town is originally a mining town which began its history in the 16th century when iron-ore extraction began in the area. 328 more words

Abandoned Places