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Coding: Navigation Bar

We carried on using the website that we created before, and were then taught how to create a navigation bar in brackets.


Presenting... My New Blog Domain, Owl Wonder!

So this was just a fun, clever phrase that K and I came up with together. I wanted something short, catchy, and unique. Well, behold… … 87 more words

Current Events

4 Tips for Cyber Monday and Beyond

How close are you to finding the perfect gift for that special someone on your Christmas list? With people taking advantage of ‘Cyber Monday’ in droves, you’ll need to know how to stay safe while shopping online. 414 more words


SEO Tactical Tips - #2 - URL - SearcherMagnet

With an ever increasingly competitive landscape for website placement, URLs are a key factor in that position. Using an SEO friendly format that uses keywords, has no underscores, and is properly indexed leads to higher Page Rank and as a result better SERP placement. 6 more words

YouTube will now let creators get a hold of a custom channel URL that matches their channel name. The company noted in a blog post… 234 more words


"URL" Stands for...? New Pew Report Has Surprising Stats on America's Tech Knowledge.

Are you all too familiar with the concept of “leaning in,” but unable to pick Sheryl Sandberg out of a crowd? Vaguely aware that “Moore’s law” refers to rapidly-evolving technology, but drawing a blank on who Mr. 447 more words


A Few Changes

Changes to my little space on the internet have been a long time coming.

I started WithInMyLens over two and a half years ago and from the beginning I tried to have my blog and brand self-titled, but with a name like mine and the internet this many years into existence, it just wasn’t tangible. 435 more words