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Wordpress Multisite - Getting the correct link to the site

The wordpress multisite install is a great thing. Except when you come across something that works not the way you expect.

So, the wordpress multisite installed on example.com with blogs on subdomain basis will give you sites with names like great.example.com and aruberusan.example.com. 217 more words


Summer Madness 4 ‘anticipation & suggestions’

URL dropped the bomb yesterday… Summer Madness 4 card…

I want to say two things right out the gate… first, I was a little reticent a while back when I knew that Summer Madness 4 would be BIG NAMES packed AGAIN and that there weren’t any new ‘names’ on it (like none of the last PG class)… & second thing, THIS card is ACTUALLY dope as fuck… lf all battlers bring their a-game, this has the potential to be a monster event. 1,808 more words

Battle Rap

Using Web Browsers As Text Editors

Use your web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a simple text editor like Notepad. This trick works on all web browsers. 55 more words

Windows Tips & Tricks

Longest Image URL EVER

So I was looking for a picture of fluorescent yellow nail polish to show Amber ’cause she posted about our adventure at Dollar Tree and found this image URL of the picture I was trying to show her. 1,001 more words

Nerdy Stuff

Bon Voyage and a Note to the Followers!

I’m embarking on a cruise vacation tomorrow morning and don’t feel like paying $10 a minute (or more?) on WiFi, so I’ll be absent for a little bit on the blog. 217 more words

Plain Jane Text Posts

Attention, Lowry fans!

Attention, all Lois Lowry fans, especially those who love The Giver. Here’s an interview with Lowry herself:



The link may take some time loading, but it is worth it! :)


Blast from the Blogger Past

Written by Jay Manaloto

Earlier this week, John and I agreed to redirect the URL of our previous blog (http://stcnevada.com) to our new URL ( 228 more words