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Validation of websites

To check code of your website, there is great help for it by W3C which is called Markup validation service – www.validator.w3.org

This website gives users ability to validate their websites by URL, straight file upload (if website is not uploaded on to server yet), but also direct validation of code. 110 more words


Just a little housekeeping

I’ve changed the url for Meditations: Will of Stories to “http://athenemythos.wordpress.com/2014/08/16/meditations-will-of-stories&/#8221″

Now that I think of it, any links anyone made to my old url will have changed.  Hm…


...it would kind of defeat the purpose...

I’m so used to google’s predictive search algorithm and web browser’s auto-complete feature when typing in popular web addresses (i don’t think i’ve typed “facebook” in the URL bar in years, typing “f” is usually enough) that i’ve started to get really lazy with my login passwords.   71 more words


SMACK/ URL’s Summer Madness (The Super Bowl Of MC Battling) weekend was stacked with action packed MC Battles. This match up is between Shotgun Suge (Newark, NJ) & Charron (Canada)

Hip Hop

How to Remove _layouts/15/start.aspx# from the URL on the address bar

Minimal Download Strategy is new Feature in SharePoint 2013 and it’s activated by default. It’s technique to use a single page   _layouts/15/start.aspx    with the actual URL encoded in the text following the (‘#’). 76 more words


Shotgun Suge vs Charron (trailer)

Here’s the trailer for the Charron vs Shotgun Suge battle. It drops on October 20th. I can’t see any possible way Suge could have won. Even with the URL audience Charron has the advantage just because he’s that much better. 10 more words


Moved to a new domain

As you probably have noticed, the blog has been moved to a new domain: BeardMonkey.net, instead of the old BeardMonkey. WordPress.com (You will just be redirected to the new domain when typing in the old). 495 more words

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