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This town is putting up statues of Stalin everywhere—even though it's illegal

Stalin, Bulgaria, is now called Varna. Tajikistan’s Stalinabad is now Dushanbe. Azerbaijan’s Stalino has become Çaylı. In East Germany, Stalinstadt is Eisenhüttenstadt, and the former Stalino, Ukraine, is now Donetsk. 811 more words

"Un Occident Kidnappé"

En termes généraux, l’auteur Milan Kundera se demande avec son article écrit en 1983 si la culture européenne a été kidnappée pendant la période de la Guerre froide. 691 more words


Undergraduate Research Summer School

This blog is a recollection of journal entries from my time at the inaugural Undergraduate Research Summer School (URSS) held at the University of New England in Armidale, Australia on December 1-5, 2013. 152 more words


Nomadic Scholar

If there was one idea or concept that best describes my baptism as a researcher today, I cannot go past the Nomadic Scholar. When Adele first uttered those two words, I was both baffled and bemused. 609 more words


Postmodern Stress Disorder

When I first heard Adele say Postmodern the other day I shuddered and gasped out loud. “Oh! That WORD”, I exclaimed. Nobody else in the group seemed particularly bothered by it or even noticed my comment, as Adele moved on to another favourite of hers, Poststructuralism. 268 more words


Framing The Images

The unique beauty of Armidale can be found in places you’d least expect. Like at the train station early in the morning, as passengers eagerly await departure time. 740 more words



I have taken the plunge, a leap of faith, a giant step forward. I am moving to Armidale next year to become a full-time student again. 562 more words