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Montevideo: Been There?

Only there for one day, so I believe we only deserve three words of description. My three: mellow, friendly, earthy.


Chile, Argentina and Uruguay

There follows David’s reflections on Chile Argentina and Uruguay.

Santiago is not the prettiest of cities but we did have a fabulous meal at Bocanariz (it means mouth and nose). 452 more words


Fight Cup: a literal World Cup Part 4

The Fight Cup continues, as Doug Starnes realises that he might have created a bit of a rod for his own back…I’m assuming you’ve all read the first three bits of this series; if not, there are links to your right… 1,399 more words


Uruguay, the next hotbed for medical marijuana research

By Will Carless

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — It ain’t easy to study the positive effects of pot in the United States.

First, there’s the legality issue. While medicinal marijuana is now legal in more than 20 states, the federal government still considers pot illegal, which means scientists can’t just give it to volunteers and measure whether it makes them feel better. 911 more words

Latin America


To find a hostel that had 5 open beds took enough time and walking. Well the second hostel we got to was open, but hey, I’m lazy and we should get it on the first try. 312 more words


My First Tannat

I bought and sampled my first Tannat last night. I dropped into a local wine shop and I was greeted by a friendly assistant and she asked “Can I help you find something.” I said yes I am looking for a good Tannat. 182 more words