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American Airlines Cargo and US Airways Cargo today are now using the same air waybill, another step in the merger process

American Airlines (Dallas/Fort Worth) and US Airways (Phoenix) have reached a significant milestone in their merger today as the cargo divisions combined under a single air waybill. 96 more words


All in business, all for $200 and 30,000 US Air Miles

Last week I wrote about the impossible task of leaving Mongolia. I almost settled for a paid ticket that would’ve cost hundreds of dollars just to go to Hong Kong and Bangkok, places I’ve… 590 more words

The Point

The Party’s Over, Time to … do the laundry, dust the furniture, pay the bills

The way home was hard. Thirty-one hours. Too long. It was the last hassle—with “US Airways 3583 operated by SKYWEST AIRLINES AS AMERICAN EAGLE” where instead of checking in at US Airways in Terminal 3 you must actually walk back to Terminal 4 and check in at American Airlines—that was the final icing on the cake of exhaustion. 347 more words



NextNewsNetwork, October 2014

If you have any travel plans in the near future, here’s a pro-tip. Don’t tell the person next to you, “I have Ebola.” That’s what one man said on a US Airways flight from Philadelphia down to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and in case you’re wondering, it didn’t end well. 179 more words


We're here!

This post looked a bit boring with all text and no photos, so I’ve randomly scattered some photos from our home for the next few days. 1,064 more words


US Airways' apology for refusal to hang Army Ranger's uniform jacket 'too little, too late'

As Twitchy reported Friday, passengers on a US Airways flight were outraged when a flight attendant refused to hang up an Army Ranger’s uniform jacket, explaining that the service was available only to first class passengers. 586 more words


Policy vs. Values

Last week, First Sgt. Albert Marle was traveling between Portland and Charlotte aboard a US Airways flight.  He asked the flight attendant if she would hang up his jacket, which was located in first-class seating.   571 more words