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Not going all the way there.

I’m not commenting on Mike Brown’s  murder and Ferguson right now. I WILL be ,by golly and at length !! BUT, right now, it’s time for white people to STFU and LISTEN. 99 more words

Social Justice

The Founding Fathers Fought the Revolutionary War to Stop the Type of Militarized Police We Now Have In the U.S.

Founders Versus Ferguson …

Former Congressman – and Cleveland mayor – Dennis Kucinich wrote a must-read post yesterday:

The Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770, was a catalyst toward the American Revolution. 568 more words


If I could write a letter to George Washington to ask him what to do right now - what I would say -

Dear General Washington -

We’ve come to a point in the history of our nation when our people’s lives have been pulled apart, (literally rent asunder), by poverty and oppression as our feet stand in this nation for which so many have paid so dear a price. 119 more words

Cricket Diane C Sparky Phillips

UN just like US Constitution: great law/limit gone forever until Orwellian-criminal ‘leaders’ arrested

A law is a limit of what actions are allowed among groups of people. Laws/limits are natural expressions to support group actions, such as rules to allow a sport to be played, having traffic going in the same direction on one side of the road for efficiency and safety, and community trash-pickup services with a day of the week to expect pickups. 281 more words


Washington Times Op-Ed, Gov't Malfeasance re Military Preparedness [nc]

This Op-Ed is by Admiral James A Lyons’52 USN (Ret) (former Commander in-Chief US Pacific Fleet and Senior US Military Representative to the United Nations) is a strategic overview of the degradation of the Republic’s military strength. 1,273 more words

Political Commentary

Gay Marriage: The Collapse Of Civilization And Precursor to Global Nuclear Holocaust

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Why is gay marriage wrong? Why is it right? Marriage brings with it certain benefits. But why? Government supports marriage, because it depends on marriage for its continued existence. 1,623 more words

Jesus Christ

The Powerful and Principled Alexander Hamilton

By Dave Caplan

One of the founding fathers of the United States, Alexander Hamilton, occupies an important part ofAlexander Hamilton. Born January 11, 1755, on the island of… 343 more words