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Credibility problems with lawyers defending Obama’s overreach

April Fool’s Day is still months away, but the gags keep coming

The U.S. Department of Justice recently released a letter* citing 10 legal academics at colleges across the country defending Barack Obama’s imperial executive action —- bypassing congress —- which grants amnesty to foreign nationals who have illegally entered the United States. 223 more words

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Chuck Hagel resigns as Secretary of Defense




This is a brilliant story for those studying, or about to study the Presidency. Too often, students write about the Presidency as one man, forgetting it is actually a branch of government including the Cabinet, EXOP and the Federal Bureaucracy. 446 more words

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Biblical Reason for Amnesty? Nope!

Posted on November 24, 2014 at Louder With Crowder by Krystal Heath

It always amuses me how a culture that removes the Bible and prayer from school and panics at the sight of a nativity scene manages to work Scripture into its fabric when, and only when, it’s convenient to its own narrative.  303 more words



Maybe it’s just me, but I really hate it when politicians quote scripture as a justification for their actions and/or policies. The other night, POTUS Barack Obama did exactly that on national television in order to TRY to justify his obvious attempt of trampling on the United States Constitution & to test the limits of presidential power in our country.  607 more words

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Off your duff, Congress, and move on immigration

If nothing else at all, President Obama’s decision to proceed with an executive order delaying the deportation of 5 million illegal immigrants has shamed Congress into doing something — … 262 more words

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Flags, What They Mean

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She stepped on people’s toes
not to oppose
but because she supposed
that she lived in a democracy… 124 more words


Obama’s raw contempt for constitution’s separation of powers & Update

Statements from Arizona’s D.C. delegation

The President of the United States, a onetime senior lecturer who later claimed to be a “constitutional law professor,” has shown his ineptness regarding the subject. 368 more words

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