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US Constitution Series 12: Democracy Attacks American Republic

US Constitution Series 12: The United States of America shall be a Republic

There are many reasons why the Founders wanted a republican form of government rather than a democracy. 632 more words


Is that a Gun in your Pocket?

Well since I’m from the UK, it’s more likely that I’m just pleased to see you.

In fact, in the UK the estimated number of guns per capita (a figure which you get by dividing the known number of privately owned firearms by the total number of citizens) is, for every 100 people, approximately 6 own a gun. 1,041 more words


PA will get away with cruel/unusual punishment if inmates are silenced.

Penn. lawmakers pass bill limiting inmates’ right to make public statements

The Pennsylvania Senate on Thursday sent to Governor Tom Corbett a bill that allows crime victims to sue to prevent inmates from making public statements that cause “mental anguish.” 212 more words

Looking at the Bill of Rights – Part Five – Second Amendment – The Right to Bear Arms

George Washington has the right of it but I am going to tell you that we probably won’t hear this quote or others from the founding fathers when it comes to arms and the right to bear them.  690 more words


The Articles of Confederation

Describe how the Articles of Confederation initially set up the American government and identify the major strengths and weaknesses of this governmental system.


The Articles of Confederation had an enormous impact on the newly-formed American government, as the document establishing said government. 577 more words


Gay marriage in Alaska v. tyranny of the majority

Round 10 for this post, which we run each time the issue of gay marriage is resolved by a state court in its favor. The first time was back on May 21, 2008, when California’s Supreme Court decided that banning gay marriage was unconstitutional. 623 more words

U.S. Constitution

An Exciting Update

Yes, I realize that I haven’t blogged about my journey through life in quite a while, and I apologize profusely for my disappearance. Over my marvelous summer, I was whisked away to France with a group of high school students, cast into the spotlight at the Rialto Theater in Loveland to perform a belly dance that I choreographed to the songs “Radioactive” and “I See Fire” with the belly dance group I formed and named “Aqua Incendia.” I also filmed several scenes from my screenplay, became one of the ensemble in the musical “Chicago”, and became engrossed with the webcomic “Homestuck”. 98 more words