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Honoring those who fought

One would have to be living under a rock to not know that Election Day is just around the corner. Political advertising, door to door campaigning and yard signs make elections hard to miss, even when we are not electing a President. 468 more words

From The Cavalier County Republican

10/23/2014 - *Judicial Watch & Fast and Furious Scandal UPDATE *John Cornyn's war with Ted Cruz *Update on Patrick On Politics

Well, it’s been another busy news day, especially with the 2014 Midterm Elections right around the corner! ┬áSo, here’s a glimpse at what I’m currently working on: 509 more words

Bill Of Rights

Governor Fallin Should Take Remedial Civics Course

Recently, the Supreme Court refused to take up the appeals of numerous states who were suing to have Circuit Court of Appeals decisions overturned.  This meant that, in Oklahoma and a few other states, restrictions on same-gender marriage were now illegal. 303 more words


Obama Attorney for Oregon: "OK With Universal Background Checks and Limits to Magazine Clips"

From Daylight Disinfectant

Published on Oct 22, 2014

Obama appointed US District Attorney Amanda Marshall: “I think we need a bunch of Oregonian guys in flannel shirts with rifles out there, and trucks,… saying: “Hey I’m OK with, you know, Universal Background Checks and limits to magazine clips …” 383 more words


Voter ID laws miss real culprit

Texas’s voter identification law is in place to guard against voter fraud.

Is it working? Does it seek out the most common culprit? Frontline, the acclaimed PBS news documentary series, suggests it doesn’t. 308 more words

Political News

Religious Tolerance in the Constitution

Conservatives who want to make hay about the religion (or lack thereof) of the President or members of Congress should re-read the Constitution. Toleration of other religions was so important the Founders included it in the original text. 134 more words