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LaRouchePAC in Action · July 21st, 2014

If patriots fail to impeach President Obama in the coming weeks, we may no longer have a Constitution to protect.

Impeach Obama

They're Coming to America

Standing in the checkout line at Costco, I watched and listened to the family in front of me chattering in a language that I couldn’t identify.  778 more words


Afghanistan Today the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 7-20-14-Sun. (164 days to go)

164 days to go for US troops in Afghanistan. Pray for them this Sunday, as we go about our attendance of churches of our choice, enjoying the freedom of religion they uphold by fighting for our Constitutional rights and keeping us free.


Government Control vs. People’s Law

Dinner Topics for Monday

Month-Defining Moment

Today it is popular in the classroom as well as the press to refer to “Communism on the left,” and “Fascism on the right.”

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Dinner Topics

A California Crack-Up?

We can only hope.

There has been a small flurry of news articles covering the success of a political initiative by a Silicon Valley entrepreneur to split California into six states rather than one. 830 more words

Current Events

Is the UN Abolishing the U.S. Constitution?

Traditionally, international law only governed the relations between nations. But now, this concept has evolved into something that’s threatening the very foundation of our country. 286 more words