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Black Student Achievement Gap Reveals Reality of Pertcrism (Perpetual Tradition of Classroom Racism)

A recent report by Families for Excellent Schools, a pro-charter group, reveals that in nearly 25% of New York City Public Schools, 90% or more of those students failed to demonstrate proficiency in Language Arts and mathematics. 280 more words

Arne Duncan: Common Core Transition Will Give States More Time To Make Evaluations Count

In what some see as a tacit recognition of the Obama administration’s overreach into nitty-gritty management of America’s schools, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will give states a reprieve from certain aspects of teacher evaluations’ consequences and the new wave of testing tied to the Common Core. 73 more words


Feds Investigating Civil Rights Implications of School Closures in Newark | janresseger ← NPE News Briefs

If you are middle class or rich, you are not likely to discover that anybody is planning to punish your child’s school by closing it. School “reform” via “turnaround” happens in school districts like Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Newark, but it doesn’t happen in Winnetka, Grosse Pointe, Bryn Mawr, Chagrin Falls, or Montclair. 146 more words


Cloomism (Classroom Racism) Fuels Alleged Black Men Hatred for Cops

Cloomism Fuels Alleged Black Men Hatred for Cops A New Jersey reporter, Sean Bergin, was suspended by News 12 in New Jersey for giving his opinion regarding the cause for alleged Black men hatred towards cops. 340 more words

Paul Horton: The Technocrat's Revolution: Progressivism's Dark Side - Living in Dialogue - Education Week Teacher

Most of those who call themselves “reformers” seek to further entrench the notion of the validity of standardized testing to cloak a seemingly well intended extension of what Nicholas Lehman has called a “moral equivalent of religion” The Big Test that covers up a crude Hobbesian Social Darwinism: the best test takers will rise to the top. 222 more words


New Initiative to Provide All Students Access to Great Educators

U.S. Department of Education Launches ‘Excellent Educators for All Initiative’

Washington, DC, July 7, 2014 — As part of its efforts to ensure that all students have equal access to a quality education, today the U.S. 827 more words