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The bizarre reality of the US housing market: Home sales are tanking, and prices are soaring

So, new home sales in the US tanked in March, falling 13.3% year-over-year—the ugliest number since April 2011. That’s a bit jarring to see after a couple years of steady recovery. 247 more words

The Pacific free trade pact's problems won't be solved by a sushi dinner in Japan

US president Obama and Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe sat down for dinner today at Sukiyabashi Jiro, the restaurant made famous by a documentary about the chef’s relentless pursuit of perfection. 525 more words

America's Middle Class Falls Behind

Once the juggernaut of the American economy and the envy of the world, the middle class has finally lost its position as the richest in the world, according to a new report. 226 more words

Infographics: Some Disturbing Trends in America

What Happened To The Middle Class?

Source: BestMSWPrograms.com

Source: BestMSWPrograms.com

Infographic: Privatization of the US Prison System

Reposted from: arrestrecords.com

Privatization of the US Prison System. An Infographic from ArrestRecords.com


Even HR

Short-term pressure for financial results is intense. Companies turn to outsourcing as they try even harder to hit their numbers.  All company functions and departments have fallen under increased scrutiny – even HR. 815 more words


Leverage and Markets Peak?

It was an interesting week in respect of leverage, when one recalls that the 1998 market swoon was accompanied by the LTCM “black-box” collapse, leveraged at 5 times and the 2007/09 market rout which saw the demise of Lehman Bros bank, leveraged 30 X. 201 more words