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Oil Price: WTI - Brent Spread Scaling $9 Again

This is the fourth time in the last six months that the WTI – Brent spread has exceeded $9 per barrel. In the previous three instances, the spread then quickly narrowed to $4, $5.50 and $3. 105 more words

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The depressing jobs mystery America's top labor economist aims to solve

The most closely watched indicator in the US economy is the unemployment rate, but is it just a red herring?

Heidi Shierholz, who studies labor issues at the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute, was appointed today as the chief economist at the US Department of Labor, which oversees the research behind the indicator. 355 more words

Janet Yellen's Fed is more revolutionary than Ben Bernanke's ever was

For a discipline that purports to measure whether people are better or worse off, economics produces an incredible amount of unhelpful data.

Oft-revised readings of annualized rates of GDP growth. 2,023 more words

Students loans threaten more than just graduates

Seven years ago, Maria K. was a freshman at Loyola University. Today, the 25-year-old is still finishing her undergraduate studies. The Skokie native moved back home with her parents three years ago, and by the time she graduates this year she will face over $80,000 in student loans. 585 more words


22.8.2014 - Yellen Speach


USA economy stands by the speach of Janet Yellen, Fed Chairwoman about the “health” of the american markets and about the interest rate,  at the Jacksoon Holen anual forum. 141 more words

The world's largest middleman isn't faring so well

The numbers: Not amazing. Hong Kong-based Li & Fung, which connects retailers to suppliers around the globe, saw first half-profit rise 16% to $111.4 million… 205 more words