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The 14 most important charts from a momentum-shifting week for the global economy

US existing home sales rebounded to their highest level since October.

India’s stock market continued to surge, pushing it to record highs.

US claims for jobless benefits fell sharply in a sign of… 174 more words

US economy, sluggish but strengthening

THE US economy remains sluggish, but economists believe it is strengthening and doing so in a more durable way.

US economy, sluggish but strengthening

Facebook in a Perfect World

24 July 2014


Using Google as a comp for future growth and valuation.

Facebook’s market cap is now very close to $200 billion. 475 more words

United States

"Scarcity" at Root of Political Polarization?


The above link will take you to a story that aired on the PBS Newshour on July 18th.  It’s a story about the political divide in Wisconsin and is followed by analysis by David Brooks (conservative and Wall Street Journal columnist) and Mark Shields (liberal commentator). 377 more words


Change in US Economic Growth

The US government has tracked the change in the size of our economy every quarter for the last 67 years (i.e., 268 quarters). The country’s quarterly economic growth has been “as bad as or worse than” a drop of 2.9% only 18 times in the 268 quarters (7% of the time), including the data from 6/25/14 that reported… keep going

Lee Rawiszer

Income inequality aka class warfare

Here are two takes on income inequality in this country, both of which are underscored by the reality of class warfare. First, John Oliver’s piece on his HBO show “ 47 more words


EXCLUSIVE! One Of Wall Street's Top Black Execs, Carla Harris, Talks Economy, Small Biz In Expo Interview

Carla Harris has been called one of “The Most Powerful Black Executives in Corporate America” by Fortune Magazine. Black Enterprise says she’s among “Top 75 African Americans on Wall Street” and “Top 75 Most Powerful Women in Business” and… 193 more words

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