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Ebola & the World Economy: Should We Be Worried?

The Ebola virus used to seem like something far off in the wilds of Africa. But what began as a few isolated incidents over the past 40 years has recently spread across multiple countries in West Africa, killing over 4,500 people to date. 482 more words


The US—and its economy—is heading into another polar vortex

Winter is coming.

And it’s going to be another blisteringly cold and snowy one in the US, according to AccuWeather, a forecasting service. The company published its… 196 more words

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1) 2013 News
মার্কিন কেন্দ্রীয় ব্যাঙ্ক ফেডেরাল রিজার্ভের ঘোষণায় শুধু টাকা নয়, অন্যান্য মুদ্রাও পড়ছে৷ ফেড গভর্নর বেন বার্নানকির ইঙ্গিতে ডলার কেনা বাড়িয়ে দিয়েছেন লগ্নিকারীরা৷ তাই বিশ্বের সব মুদ্রাতেই তার প্রভাব পড়েছে৷ 191 more words

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Financial Posts : 2014 10 O

1) Murphy has called the State “a monopoly institution of violence.” LINK 182 more words

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Unfair thought

I try not to be pessimistic. I try to be more scientific, objective and rational in my daily observation but when it comes to life it can never be judgement-free. 441 more words

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Never before the US economy has seen that many startups with $1 billion valuations.

To this day, mid Oct 2014, 49 US startups – that have not yet gone public and have not yet been acquired… 35 more words



Looking at this article, Kevin Drum notes:

How about that? If you pay more, you attract workers with the right skills. If you pay more, training programs start to fill up.

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