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The $1.2 billion (and counting) of 2014 US political spending, in charts

There’s just over a month to go before the 2014 US elections, and that means candidates and their allies will unload a blitz of last-minute spending—especially to advertise in contested districts—in an election season that already has cost at least $1.2 billion. 943 more words

All signs point to Jeb Bush prepping for 2016 presidential run

Ben White reports for CNBC:

As Mike Allen reports in Tuesday’s Politico Playbook, Bush plans a heavy travel schedule for GOP candidates this fall including hot Senate races in North Carolina and Kansas. 195 more words


When does the invisible primary begin?


The invisible primary seems to have been growing longer and longer in recent years. Despite the November mid-terms being weeks away, people are already, and have been for a while, touting 2016 candidates. 146 more words

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Democrats, Hispanics and the Midterms



Hispanics are increasingly frustrated with Obama’s lack of progress on providing the promised immigration reform of recent years and this article reflects that. It is interesting however that one of the given reasons for this is that, due a quirk of the map in 2014 and the seats that are actually up, the Hispanic population will actually have only a limited impact on this election. 68 more words

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America's Billionaires Political Power Index

Darrell M. West has produced a list of  America’s top billionaires with the most political power  for a upcoming book called Billionaires: Reflections on the Upper Crust… 46 more words