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What is an American?


Go to the attached link, read the essay.  Do you agree or disagree with Peter Ferrera’s definition?  Write a post and comment as well as comment on the post of a classmate.

US Government

"Transparent" Airfare Act of 2014 passes the House

(I’m a man of very strong political opinions, probably many of them will run contrary to yours.  All of that is ok, my views should have very little impact on you and vice versa.   427 more words


Washington Unable to Track US Weapons Sent to Afghan Army – Reports

US Army soldiers provide security for members of their team near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border

© US Army / Staff Sgt. Shane Hamann

12:29 28/07/2014 

MOSCOW, July 28 (RIA Novosti) – The US government cannot track where almost 750,000 weapons sent to Afghanistan’s Army went, BuzzFeed reported Monday, citing a report by Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) John Sopko. 230 more words

Obama meets with Central American leaders to discuss illegal immigration

Following a recent, sudden influx of illegal immigrant children from Central American countries into the United States, the leaders of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador were at the White House late last week to discuss possible solutions to the problem. 98 more words


Mohammad Tariq Siddiqui meets Kelly in Chicago

Mohammad Tariq Siddiqui (Chicago)

US Congress lady Robin Kelly met with senior business pioneers through Mohammad Tariq Siddiqui of Chicago who were going to Chicago to fabricate ties in the middle of Pakistan and Chicago in the ranges of business, instruction and generosity. 339 more words

We Don't Have the Right

On Friday (July 25, 2014), during a hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, House democrat, Eleanor Holmes Norton spoke out with a surprising statement. 33 more words


Rand Paul's FAIR Act

It’s legislation like this that impresses me with Rand Paul. As Matt Welch (with Reason) once said, "You have to remind yourself that Senator Paul’s a Republican." 247 more words

US Government