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The United States Library of Congress was established today in 1800 when President John Adams signed legislation to purchase “such books as may be necessary for the use of Congress.” Now WE know em

In 1783, James Madison first proposed creating a library for the use of Congress.Then George Washington became the new nations first president on April 30, 1789 with Philadelphia as its temporary seat of government. 810 more words

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Notes on New Deal & Roaring Twenties Crash Course History Videos - U.S. History

I’ve uploaded one of your peers’ notes on both of these videos (look on Handouts page or click below). While each are very detailed and outlined, it is not necessary that you know every single detail, but you should know the general outline of each period, including the main argument at the end. 6 more words

24th April [1849 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, TUESDAY 24th [1849]: “Everything remains the same on board and the whale is tried out and stowed away — It is ‘lower away’ and ‘there she blows’ but the prospect is dull — whales are wild and hard to strike. 171 more words

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#WarriorWednesday: Admiral of the Navy George Dewey

“You may fire when you are ready Gridley.” 

- U.S. Navy Commodore George Dewey, instructed the commanding officer of his flagship,USS Olympia, at the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War, 1898… 1,209 more words

April 23, 1860

Mary Brewster did not make a journal entries from April 19-23, 1849


Mary Lawrence, APRIL 23 : “Quite a strong breeze through the night, but more moderate in the morning. 44 more words

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Today in 1836, one day after Sam Houston and his Texian Army defeated the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto, a search party led by James Sylvester, captured Mexican General Santa Anna. Now WE know em

On March 6, 1836, Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna’s forces killed 189 Texan defenders at the Battle of the Alamo.

Santa Anna and his army then executed more than 342 Texan prisoners at the Goliad Massacre on March 27, 1836. 454 more words

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USH kickoff Apr 22-23: JFK part 2

Transfer the notes from your handout to today’s kickoff.  Copy/paste these questions and bold your answers:

7.  Garrison and his team meet at a New Orleans restaurant to discuss what they’ve learned.  49 more words

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