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Blue Eyed Guys are Easier to Love?

What is it with girls and their obsession with guys with blue eyes (I could say the same for guys, I mean have you heard any country songs?) Is it the fact that they have this aura of mystery about them that makes them more desirable. 114 more words

Book Review- Always Faithful, Always Forward by Dick Couch

Always Faithful, Always Forward, by Dick Couch, is not my first book by this author I’ve read. A former US Navy SEAL, this man is one of the boys in the Special Operations community, which has helped to gain access to the content of his books. 362 more words

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How to Survive in a Marine Corps Basic Training Program

Marines Training

Marines training are all but easy so one who is aspiring to be part of this valiant group must do a lot of preparation, physically and mentally. 539 more words

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Being a U.S. Marine is Not an Easy Life

Life of a Marine:

Being a U.S. marine is not an easy life. Thinking that you will be separated from your family and friends for a long time is in itself an ordeal already. 481 more words

American Veterans

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory: How ISAF infighting helped doom Sangin to its ongoing violence

Afghanistan Analysts Network

Sangin district in Helmand has again, this year, seen heavy fighting, this time between the Afghan National Security Forces and the Taleban. With dozens killed and thousands displaced following an insurgent assault involving hundreds of fighters, the Taleban leadership is once again showing how much it values this strategic crossroads and poppy-producing hub. 6,477 more words


He Lived It

My father spent 45 years not talking about the War. One day he opened up… a little.

When Saving Private Ryan came out in 1998 he refused to see it for its accurate battle scenes. 376 more words


Went to Jazz Festival this weekend

So I went to a Jazz Festival this weekend, amidst all the good food (champion ribs and best in ribs in America) plus Jazz music. I participated in a pull up challenge at the US Marine’s booth. 77 more words