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Capitol Hill Briefing 8/1

The Israeli bombardment in Gaza has intensified over the past couple of days, and the deaths are mounting. Friends in the United States are asking “What can we do?” 227 more words


Ceasefire conditions

Two friends — one a Hasidic Jew who supports Israel and the other a solidarity activist who supports the Palestinians — asked me for my recommendations to end the bloodshed in Gaza. 661 more words


Gaza: Why We Need Distinctions Between Political Israel, Ethnic Israel, and Spiritual Israel

The violence in the Gaza strip is appalling; the nightmarish cost of civilian life and seemingly endless onslaught of the Israeli war machine is merely symptomatic of centuries, perhaps millenniums, of hate, retribution, and jealousy. 1,383 more words

Cause For Pause

Recommendations for US Government Action: Smart Responses to Increased Migration from Central America

Reducing impunity and violence; strengthening the rule of law

  • Provide resources and technical assistance for shelters for girls and women victims of violence and strengthen and expand States’ and localities’ capacity to respond to and sanction violence against women and girls.
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Unaccompanied Minors

...us, en honduras — in texas?...

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The US policy of forceful subordination of non-client states once implemented never quite ends – even if its media cooperates by choosing to ignore its damaging consequences. 692 more words


Two more letters

Dear Senator Udall,

I am writing to express my serious concern about the Senate’s priorities.

On July 10, S.Res.498 was introduced expressing support for Israel’s right to defend herself, calling on Hamas to stop firing rockets at Israel, and calling for the Palestinian unity government to be dissolved. 447 more words