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#Syria's Largest Opposition Coalition divided and failing- Al-Ahram Weekly

Rivalries and bickering are ripping apart the largest opposition coalition in Syria and may further undermine its credibility, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus.
Squabbles, rivalry and discontent dominated recent meetings of the National Coalition of Revolution and Opposition Forces (NCSROF), underlining the inability of Syria’s only recognised opposition movement to lead the country along its desired path of peace, freedom and democracy. 1,061 more words

Rep. Rush Holt, Physicist, to Lead American Association for the Advancement of Science

Can you imagine what would happen if we had a PhD physicist in the US Congress? We actually already have one there, Representative Rush Holt (NJ-12), who has done a lot of excellent work in that role over the past sixteen years. 470 more words

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A Bad Week for Commercial Spaceflight

The US commercial space industry did not fare well last week. Two accidents on 28th and 31st October highlight the risks, costs, and difficulties of spaceflight—as well as pointing to potential setbacks for commercial spaceflight. 852 more words

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Implications of the Midterm Election for Science

Just to be clear, I should distinguish between my statements as a scientist and my views on “science policy” and politics. This post is more about the latter, and I’m interested to hear your thoughts and views about these issues too. 1,063 more words


New CDC guidelines: If you jabbed yourself with a needle while treating an Ebola patient, it’s still okay to go jogging


New rule: If you’ve been treating someone with Ebola and have actually jabbed yourself with a used needle, you should probably maybe think about hanging around the house for a few weeks. 16 more words

Student Loans: Government or Citizen’s Responsibility?

At $1.3 trillion and growing, student loan debt is behind only mortgage debt in terms of largest personal debt in the United States, according to usdebtclock.org, a website dedicated to keeping track of the various debts the country and its citizens have. 737 more words