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Resource Wars

Raw diamond
Flowing unchecked deep beneath
Middle Eastern lands
Will be the end of us
Addicted to the pleasures
Of easy living
Not thinking about the… 154 more words

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Refugee Flows by Region of Origin

I like data that tells a story. (Ok, who doesn’t?)

My time at MSU is made possible, in large part, from time and effort extended as a research assistant. 748 more words


Dual citizenship

Jews anywhere in the world can volunteer to serve in the Israeli military, whether or not they are Israeli citizens.  Any many do. Palestinians want those… 360 more words


Should the U.S. be training and equipping African armies? The logic of security assistance and its discontents

This month, I wrote a short piece on U.S. security assistance in Africa that was published as the “featured analysis” in the August 2014 issue of the “ 1,348 more words


EU and US warn Russia against 'humanitarian invasion' of Ukraine

EU and US warn Russia against ‘humanitarian’ invasion of Ukraine

Other-destructive & self-destructive. The West’s playing tough sandbox policies here is little but cover-up for a blunder of historic proportions: the regime change in Kiev and the attempt to force Ukraine into the EU and NATO. 83 more words

International Affairs

Gaza invasion shifts American attitudes to Palestinian resistance

In Europe, civil society has expressed its revulsion at Israel’s attacks on Gaza with mass protests across the continent. Ireland, historically pro-Palestinian, has whole towns that are boycotting Israeli products, and one British cabinet minister has resigned. 1,109 more words

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August 3, 2014


I hear our President Jonathan Goodluck is going to the United States today for a meeting tagged US-African Leaders’ Summit… 1,421 more words

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