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No strategy? No problem! Tweeters handily #SuggestObamaISISStrategy

White House press secretary Josh Earnest may insist that President Obama “has been very clear for months” about the administration’s strategy for dealing with ISIS and had… 559 more words

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Palestine contingent? Saturday's 'National March on Ferguson' provides forum for outside groups

As demonstrations in Ferguson, Mo., quickly turned to rioting, many suggested that it was “outside agitators” from out of town who were causing the most trouble, inciting violence and antagonizing police. 511 more words

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Getting off scot-free

by Michael Roberts

The banks and bankers that triggered or caused the global financial crash with their reckless drive for grotesque profits continue to get away with the consequences of their actions. 576 more words

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Forget it, he's rolling: Obama makes another promise he's already broken

Didn’t think President Obama could out-B.S. himself today? Boy, were you wrong.

After sharing that the “nightly news” makes it feel “like the world is falling apart” and that “social media” has alerted us to the fact that the world is “messy,” he gave us this: 310 more words

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Judge strikes down Texas abortion clinic regulations; Cruz calls it 'a real war on women'

A federal judge on Friday struck down a new set of restrictions for Texas abortion clinics that were set to go into effect Monday. The bill placing limits on abortions after 20 weeks and imposing tougher safety standards on abortion clinics in Texas… 405 more words

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Eric Bischoff: Why didn't 'comfortable' liar Obama lie about this?

Producer and pro wrestling personality Eric Bischoff isn’t exactly shy when it comes to his feelings about the Obama administration. Today’s no different:

At a time when secure borders have never been more critical to our nations security, ObamaDems want to open them up for political gain.— …

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