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'From chickensh*t to bullsh*t': Susan Rice's Israel tweets are beyond parody

Yep. Seriously, take a look at these absurd tweets from Susan Rice, y’all:

As I said yesterday, U.S.-Israel security relationship is stronger than it has ever been.

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This ONE key question torches despicable Mary Landrieu's latest desperate card-playing ploy

Truly despicable. Mary Landrieu, your desperation is showing! As Twitchy reported, the senator threw her entire state under the bus: She thinks that she and Obama are unpopular in Louisiana… 139 more words

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Now it's mammograms at risk? Hillary Clinton is sounding desperate in Iowa

Just about everything that a Democrat says these days sounds like desperation. Hillary Clinton at least sounded confident when she informed us all that businesses and corporations don’t create jobs… 323 more words

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Sen. Roberts talks top issues in election

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Republican Senator Pat Roberts is battling to keep his seat in Washington, DC.

We sat down with the incumbent senator about this close race. 351 more words


Don't tell Oliver Willis but the Green Lantern Corps is scraping bottom [pic]

We all know that taxpayer subsidized leftist blogger Oliver Willis is a big Green Lantern fan. For his sake, let’s hope he doesn’t see this. 26 more words

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Gov. Bobby Jindal blasts Sen. Mary Landrieu for 'throwing entire state under bus' as racist, sexist

Is there a campaign this fall that can’t be described as “remarkably divisive”? That doesn’t mean there isn’t still time to win the award for “most divisive,” and Louisiana Sen. 556 more words

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'I think we screwed that up completely': 'Hick-Ups' compiles the worst of Gov. Hickenlooper

For a comprehensive look at the big-money, behind-the-scenes machinations intended to turn┬áColorado into a blue state, definitely track down Citizens United’s “Rocky Mountain Heist,” or at the very least, … 178 more words

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