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'She's a democrat?' DNC gets mocked for using Mary Landrieu's birthday in fundraising pitch

Here’s the latest fundraising pitch from the DNC, this time using embattled Senator Mary Landrieu’s birthday in an attempt to wrangle funds from their supporters: 295 more words

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Who's the real 'dingbat'? Epic fail in progress as morons on Twitter fall for fake Sarah Palin story on immigration

The satirical website The Daily Currant has struck again, this time convincing a rabid horde of Sarah Palin-haters on Twitter that she made a bunch of embarrassing gaffes while criticizing President Obama’s executive amnesty immigration plan. 663 more words

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'Courses in Beyoncé will replace it': SNL skit invokes serious question about the future of American civics

Last night’s “Saturday Night Live” skit portraying how President Obama has circumvented the legislative process caused David Limbaugh to wonder what the future of American civics classes will look like. 178 more words

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'They’re going to want that new car smell': Obama makes case against Hillary, Dems in 2016

Obama told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos this morning that Americans are ready for someone with a “new car smell” in 2016.

Obama on 2016: "The American people..want a new car smell..want to drive something off the lot that doesn’t have as much mileage as me.”

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On Thursday evening, President Barack Obama delivered a speech that has been widely characterized  as presenting a red cape to a charging bull.  His decision to extend executive action to offer a solution, although perhaps partial or temporary, to America’s complex illegal alien problem has been variously portrayed, as an attempt to subvert Congress; to over ride the Constitution; to restore the imperial presidency and/or to cynically grant amnesty to a new potential base of Democratic voters. 1,094 more words

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