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'He raised $1B for campaign': Dems seeking $100 million in taxpayer funds for Obama library sparks disgust

The Illinois House will vote soon on a Democrat proposal to offer $100 million in taxpayer funds to lure Barack Obama’s presidential library to the state, according to Andrew Malcolm at… 331 more words

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'This is embarrassing': Chelsea's pregnancy fuels Politico's 'shameless' Hillary crush

Well, not exactly … but you kinda get the impression that Politico still wants to play a big part in Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy. Because Hillary, natch! 320 more words

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'Typo or Freudian fantasy?' Vox headline about 'Chelsea Clinton's presidency' mock-splained

Yesterday it was announced that Chelsea Clinton was expecting a child. Ezra Klein’s news explanation service, Vox.com, wondered how that story might impact the 2016 race, assuming Hillary is in the running. 218 more words

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Pro-abort EMILY's List wants you to congratulate Chelsea on her pregnancy [pics]

We always knew EMILY’s List was twisted, but this takes it to a new level:

Sign the card from @emilyslist and tell Chelsea, Marc, and Hillary congratulations!

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'That's what Monica said'! Snarkers go to town on Hillary's new book title [pics]

Well, folks, it’s time to put all the speculation to rest. Hillary has at last chosen a title for her upcoming book:

The title of @

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The FBI Investigating KSM's Legal Team

The fact of the matter is, until Barack Obama took office these trials were underway and nearly completed, with KSM and the other terrorists having pleaded guilty to all charges. 651 more words

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