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Alleged 'Israeli sniper' busted for posting bogus pictures [pics]

A Twitter account operated by someone claiming to be an Israeli Defense Force sniper looks a little fishy thanks to some electronic detective work. The following was posted yesterday. 376 more words

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#LowerTheIQ? @BarackObama pimps Kristen Bell as underpaid Mary Poppins [video]

Barack Obama, that champion of the Workin’ Man, has been going on all day about the importance of raising the minimum wage. Because, gosh-darn it, priorities! 411 more words

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'You poor dear': Rep. Jan Schakowsky's '#LiveTheWage' menu not particularly horrifying

In their push for an increase in the minimum wage, some politicians are taking a “minimum wage challenge.”

Among those taking the “challenge” is Rep. Jan Schakowsky, an Illinois Democrat, who shared this week’s “minimum wage” menu. 498 more words

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'Bragging about inflation?' @BarackObama's pitch for minimum wage increase baffles Nick Searcy

The Obama administration and other Democrats are continuing their call for a minimum wage increase. @BarackObama, the Twitter feed operated by Organizing for Action, justified a minimum wage increase this way: 281 more words

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'What happens when Obama comes to your hood'? Ask Sarah Michelle Gellar [photos]

President Obama was in L.A. yesterday for some very important presidential business. Just kidding! He was fundraising, natch. And, just like so many times before, making L.A. 228 more words

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