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Weird Presidential Facts About All 44 U.S. Presidents Part Two: Christine's Chronicles

 Do You Know Which U.S. President  Passed Gas Then Blamed it on Secret Service Agents?

by Christine Lorraine

March 8, 2011

Weird Presidential Facts About All 44 U.S. 2,115 more words

Christine Lorraine

Christine's Chronicles: George Washington, the Great Soldier, was Nearly George Washington, the Great Sailor

George Washington – Soldier, Hero, President and Sailor at Heart

By Christine Lorraine

Jul 9, 2009

George Washington’s primary desire was to be a sailor, an adventurous profession that his mother forbade him from pursuing. 656 more words

Christine's Chronicles: Catch a Rare Glimpse into What Food was Like During the Revolutionary War - the original article

Wayne Blockhouse, Erie PA 

Savor the Flavor of the Revolutionary War: Spruce Beer, Anyone?

by Christine Lorraine
Jul 9, 2009

General George Washington enjoyed sipping spruce beer, a revolutionary concoction brewed from spruce twigs, turtle soup and pickled oysters during the Revolutionary War era.In the field, soldiers’ daily menu featured bread, meat, and a “gill” of dry beans as the primary main courses. 595 more words