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Senator Denies Climate Change On Senate Floor And Gets A Science Lesson From His Colleague | ThinkProgress

Here at ClimateProgress, we spend a lot of time debunking politicians who deny climate change based on scientifically murky grounds. On Thursday, it looked as though we’d have to do it again, after Sen. 95 more words

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Domestic abuse victims to testify in support of new gun control law

Victims of domestic abuse and gun violence have gathered in Washington DC to share their stories as the Senate holds a first-of-its-kind hearing on how to keep guns out of the hands of abusive partners. 343 more words

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Admin Pushes Gun Restrictions For Law-Abiding Citizens While Failing To Prosecute Criminals

Published on Jan 30, 2013

During today’s Judiciary Committee hearing on guns, Sen. Sessions questioned the Baltimore County Police Chief, who testified for the majority, about the purpose of pushing for measures that would restrict the access of lawful Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights while the Administration has simultaneously failed to prosecute laws targeting criminals who use guns in the commission of a violent act or other crime.

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The Looting of Eurasia by the West

The Looting of Eurasia by the West.


I LOATHE VP JOE BIDEN’S UKRAINIAN ROBBER BARON SON WITH AS MUCH DISTAIN AS I DO SENATORS MARCO RUBIO, BOB CORKER, AND JOHN MCCAIN et al who are passing OBAMA’s sanctions against Russia when it is the U.S., the EU and Saudis who are behind the Ukrainian Coup, Genocide and 49% Ukrainian Oil thievery from Ukraine’s Oil-Gas Fields. 43 more words

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Senate to Vote on Highway Money as Deadline Looms

The Senate is set to take up legislation to keep federal highway money flowing to states, with just three days left before the government plans to start slowing down payments. 615 more words

SPECIAL: U.S. Senate Race

WICHITA, Kansas – We’re continuing with the Senate race that’s turned out to be full of surprises.

We’ll start with the candidates for the republican nominee. 860 more words

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