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Breitbart: After Declaring War on Tea Party, Karl Rove Frets GOP Estab Candidates Not Getting Enough Donations

Well what did Karl Rove expect?  You trash the base of your own party, then fret because they won’t support you!  We say GOOD! – MCD… 591 more words

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US Senate elevates Israel's status as 'major strategic partner'

by Michael Wilner
September 19, 2014

ISIS tables language on Israeli inclusion in visa waiver program; Long-stalled bill passes upper chamber, declaring Israel “major strategic partner.” 199 more words

Israel & Middle East

US Senate approves $500 million to arm Syrian militants

Despite loud warnings from many quarters—including foreign policy experts, the anti-war left and dissenting CIA analysts—that such a move could prove disastrous, the U.S. Senate on Thursday voted overwhelmingly to approve $500 million in government funds to help arm, train, and support so-called moderate military forces inside Syria. 336 more words


If the GOP Loses the Senate—Blame the Establishment

National Review Online
Now the concerned whispers are becoming audible groans. Turns out after premature high-fiving in certain Republican circles, the GOP just may be on the verge of blowing its opportunity to take control of the U.S. 78 more words


Accelerating the End of Breast Cancer Act

It has been reported that cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and accounted for 7.6 million deaths (around 13% of all deaths) in 2008. 612 more words

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Bennet, Udall, and Perlmutter Watch 9-15-14: Recent and Upcoming Votes

From MegaVote at Congress.org:

Recent Senate Votes Campaign Finance Constitutional Amendment – Cloture – Vote Rejected (54-42, 4 Not Voting)
222 more words

The Good Time Charley's

… at the Taxpayer’s Expense

Charles Nesbitt “Charlie” Wilson (1933-2010) was a US Navy officer, a druggie, philanderer, and an individual who may have achieved more for Islamic radicalism than any other single person, including Osama Bin-Laden —and of the latter, he did it with the blessing of Democrats living in Texas and at the expense of the American taxpayer. 756 more words

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