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GOP DEBATE: Three Senate Hopefuls Weigh In On Issues

The 2014 Iowa republican primary is less than two months away.

US Senate candidates made their pitch to young voters in Des Moines Wednesday evening. 302 more words


Bennet, Udall, and Perlmutter Watch 4-14-14: Recent Votes

From MegaVote at Congress.org:

Recent Senate Votes Unemployment Benefits Extension – Passage – Vote Passed (59-38, 3 Not Voting)
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Tortured Reports

There are some problems with the apparent leak of the Senate torture report findings summary. I’m going to point those out and then flip the whole thing on its head to what I really want to discuss, mostly the bigger domestic picture as it relates to intelligence community abuse of power in general. 912 more words

Update:Mitch McConnell asks"who do you want to lead the Senate"on FB. Commenters release the kraken

via Update:Mitch McConnell asks”who do you want to lead the Senate”on FB. Commenters release the kraken.

Although their record in office was limited to a fraction of local Council seats and leading a small number of those councils, the much missed Official Monster Raving Looney Party in the UK acquitted itself better than this lot has… 736 more words

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Unintended Consequences

The Senate of the United States was designed… to give equal representation to the States- a more disciplined, stable, and experienced legislative body.  Madison saw the dangers in the popularly elected House, for people were often, … 292 more words


Perlmutter Watch 4-7-14: Recent and Upcoming Votes

From MegaVote at Congress.org:

Recent House Votes Ukraine Aid – Passage – Vote Passed (378-34, 19 Not Voting)
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