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US: Russia Violates 1987 Nuclear Missile Treaty by Testing New Ground Launched Cruise Missile

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FILE – Int this Dec. 8, 1987, file photo, U.S. President Ronald Reagan, right, shakes hands with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev after the two leaders signed the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty to eliminate intermediate-range missiles during a ceremony in the White House East Room in Washington. 603 more words


Japanese Steel Workers Reveal That They Saved Their City From a Nuclear Bombing by Burning Coal Tar to Block View of US Planes

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Furnaces at Yawata Steel Works, seen in this photo taken in October 1945, survived an air raid. (Mainichi)

As the 69th anniversary of the Nagasaki atomic bombing approaches, a former mill worker in the present-day city of Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, spoke about his untold story on how he burned coal tar to block the view of U.S. 694 more words


The self-cherishing attitude makes us very uptight

“The self-cherishing attitude makes us very uptight; we think we are extremely important, and our basic desire is for ourselves to be happy and for things to go well for us. 26 more words


Microsoft faces anti-monopoly probe in China

Earlier this year China banned government purchases of Microsoft Windows 8
An anti-monopoly investigation into US technology giant Microsoft has been launched by Chinese authorities. 13 more words

Russia 'violated 1987 nuclear missile treaty', says US

President Barack Obama
Russia has violated a key arms control treaty by testing a nuclear cruise missile, the US government says.
Russia tested a ground-launched cruise missile, breaking the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty signed in 1987 during the Cold War, the US said.
A senior US…