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What the US is Really Threatening in Ukraine

Source: New Eastern Outlook, by Henry Kamens, Aug 2014

The US has warned Moscow to be “very careful” in its judgments after Vladimir Putin put the armed forces in western Russia on alert in response to mounting tension in Ukraine. 440 more words

World At WAR

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has resumed issuing visas after a disruption in July due to “technical difficulties,” the embassy said. “The problem that had led to delays in issuing visas all over the world has been resolved, and our consulate department has processed all applications that built up over that time,” an embassy representative told Russian state news service RIA Novosti. 131 more words


Creator. Part-Two.

The Holy Spirit Hovered.

We see that the Holy Spirit, who lives within us was there at creation. When God spoke the word acted, the power, the Spirit was creating our world and the heavens. 24 more words

Hagel has now said that ISIS is a menace towards the US

In one of his latest publicity stunts we got rolled over by the idea that ISIS is a threat towards the US. Incredible performance. I mean Goebbels (in terms of the idea: propaganda head) would probably commit suicide, but who cares: its not us who takes the damage. 10 more words


US bank in record $16.7bn settlement

US bank in record $16.7bn settlement http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-28880307

In a so Uganda moment; we refer to the parliamentary committee meeting aired during local televisions’ news, this week in regard to the NSSF’s purchase of Umeme shares…

International Business

Kent Brantly US doctor who survived Ebola speaks, leaves hospital

Dr. Kent Brantly, the US doctor cured of Ebola left the Emory University Hospital Atlanta about an hour ago. Before leaving, he spoke at a news conference, 167 more words

Mexican Hat & Page

Après le Grand Canyon et en direction de Monument Valley, nous avons trouvé un petit hotel sympathique tenu par des Navajos avec vue sur la San Juan River dans lequel nous avons mangé typique indien et dégusté un bon vin californien : 231 more words

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