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TODAY'S NEWS: Bill de Blasio Announces ‘Sweeping Update’ to NYC’s Air Pollution Code

In celebration of Earth Day, Mayor Bill de Blasio decided to make the five boroughs a little greener.

Mr. de Blasio today announced “the most sweeping update to New York City’s Air Pollution Control Code since 1975,” according to his office, with a “focus on pollution sources that currently have little or no emission control requirements.” 316 more words

Air Quality

iPhone Users are the USA of the Phone Industry

Here’s some food for thought: iPhone users are to the phone industry as the United States is to the world. Both Americans and iPhone users are very proud of who they represent, but neither could give you a good reason for why they think they’re better than everyone else. 326 more words


Six feet under...

Grand Canyon Caverns – Flagstaff: spelunkers…

Today’s drive was mostly along the historic Route 66 – I expected it having more turns and stuff, but it is quite straight actually like almost all the streets ad highways around here. 566 more words


Putin '01 vs Putin '14

Putin ’01 vs Putin ’14

Stanislav Belkovsky argues that the Putin of 2000s has been replaced by the Putin of 2013-2014. The author’s main thesis is that during the first years in power, Vladimir Putin has truly been a Westerner, whereas now he very much changed. 300 more words


Aldiablos Infotech - Best Email Marketing Solution

So, you’ve got joined the final word affiliate program that is attending to show you ways to create a bunch of cash on-line. But, it’s rare that affiliate programs truly show you ways to grow an enormous email list via affiliate email marketing that you just will take advantage of over and all over again. 348 more words


Fluoride and the Pineal Gland

Also known as the Third Eye. From what I’ve read (which isn’t much) it’s connected to the eyes, almost like a hidden one inside our brain. 260 more words