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Usagi Drop - Episode 2 Review

Usagi Drop – Episode 2 Review

Been busy last few days, so this is a bit later than I had hoped. I’ve actually been finding it hard to take a critical look at this show, since I do have a personal attachment to it, Saying something is you favourite show, and then trying to look at it objectively is hard, and I guess that’s something I really have to keep in mind when looking at Usagi Drop. 693 more words

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Usagi Drop – Episode 1 Review

Usagi Drop – Episode 1 Review

So since Reddit’s anime club is looking at Usagi Drop right now, I thought I’d do some posts to go along with it. 894 more words

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Ivy Bridge - Usagi Drop AMV

This is so beautiful and nice editing. I must share it with everyone. :)


Anime: Usagi Drop

Music: Rob Thomas – Little Wonders


[Review] [Movie] Usagi Drop

Trong lúc đang đói film, bạn đã nhận được gợi ý từ bạn Phù Du đáng yêu, (mà bạn vẫn quen gọi là Phù) xem… 824 more words


Kaga Rin- cute girl from Usagi Drop

Her name is Kaga Rin. Her name is Rin, but family name Kaga… okay?

She is arguably among cutest anime characters within a cute anime series Usagi Drop , about her growing up under the care of Daikichi. 522 more words


Cute bunny-related characters

A simple list of kawaii/cute/moe characters that bring bunny image. ‘coz they are cute <3 and I have seen too much cat/dog image anyway :P In no particular order. 43 more words


japanese movie: bunny drop


27-year-old Daikichi is a single young man who is trusted by his peers at work. While attending his grandfather’s funeral, Daikichi learns that his grandfather bore an illegitimate daughter with an unknown mother. 576 more words