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Usagi Drop – Part One Review

When I decided to read Usagi Drop by Yumi Unita a Josei Comic (women’s comic) I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Certainly not something I would devour in a few days and that would change my feeling about parenting. 435 more words


Bunny Drop Usagi Drop うさぎドロップ

Bunny Drop Usagi Drop うさぎドロップ by UNITA Yumi 宇仁田ゆみ.  This is a heart warming josei, slice of life, school life (barely), romantic comedy/drama.  In case you’re not familiar with this story it’s  about a 30 year old single guy, Daikichi, whose grandfather dies leaving behind a “love child”, Rin, that no one wants and he decides to take her in as his daughter but she won’t let him adopt him.  93 more words

Seattle Kifujin

A few good dramas: single-parent and preschooler themes

At the moment I’m watching “My Girl”, a Japanese drama about a 23-year-old who suddenly finds out he has a daughter when his ex-girlfriend dies in an accident. 365 more words

Japanese Drama

Review: Usagi Drop

You know, I can usually find at least one thing to criticize about anything I watch. No matter how much I like the story, no matter how high the production qualities are, there are always one or two issues, however niggly, that I can address in a review. 1,045 more words


The Bunny Drop Series by Yumi Unita

Also known as Usagi Drop, this manga (a Japanese graphic/comic novel) series follows thirty year old Daikichi’s experience with becoming a full time single parent. After the death of his maternal grandfather, Daikichi goes to the funeral and discovers that his grandfather had a secret love child who is a six year old little girl called Rin. 732 more words