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Sailor Moon Crystal

When I was a kid I grew up watching the show Sailor Moon. It was one of my favorite shows and when I got older I decided to rewatch it. 228 more words

Sailor Moon Check In: Epics In Cute Outfits

Hey guys, it’s a Crystal week, so obviously, it’s time for me to do a Sailor Moon Check In. (Yup, this is a regular thing now…but as football and TV seasons gear up, I reserve the right to drop it.) And OH BOY! 992 more words


FanArt: Sailormoon and RurouKen

Sorry for the crappy photos, I used my smartphone for these.


Chibi Moon - Vector

Finally finished redrawing this in Illustrator! Today I got official word that I’m doing a convention in December, so I was all motivated to get more drawing done.

Fan Art

20 Year Obsession and Growing

Good afternoon, my fellow nerds!.

Let me begin by apologizing for my silence on the web. I’ve been absorbed in the many happenings of my life and have neglected an important part of it. 888 more words

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 3 - Rei - Sailor Mars!

It’s the big one. The apocalypse. The end times. It’s the introduction of my favourite anime character of all time … Sailor Mars! Yes! We are back. 1,494 more words