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Ausflug ins Tropen Aquarium

Ich war gestern im Tropen Aquarium.
Nach dem Rundgang sind wir nochmal zu den Lemuren reingegangen. Da meinte der Typ, der die Lemuren ‘betreut’, dann immer wenn ein paar neue Leute in den Leumurenraum gekommen sind, dass an die nicht streicheln solle. 102 more words

The Third Opening: Beautifully Generic

Occasionally I take a wee break from reviewing episodes to glance at the opening and ending sequences. They are each artistic in their own right, and this opening is no exception. 714 more words

Tuxedo Kamen

Bye 24, Hello 25!

Hey, I am turned into 25 today! Alhamdulillah! Weehooo!!

I’ve lived quarter of the century. ;)

What I want to wishes for are my happiness and always surround by love, there are always people beside me and support me in everything I do, success dunia akhirat, Stay fit and healthy! 41 more words


Blah Bunny

I have learned in my journey to my pictures that it is the right lighting and angle that can give you a good look, even when I am feeling blah, just angling my phone 15 degrees and turning on flash makes me look cute. 


Look What I've Bought!

Just came back from shopping! Look what I’ve bought! Lots and lots of fruits! AEON Big having a promotion, so I grabbed that change! ;) So cheap! 179 more words


Neue Kamera!

Hallo ihr Nudden!

Ich (Raion) hab’ne neue Kamera (SOOOOONY) und die mit Usagi ausprobiert :) Hier ist mal ein Bild davon.
Es bringt doch Spaß, Bilder zu machen und währenddessen Jelly Beans zu essen. 28 more words