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AMV Roundup! Sailor Moon- Airplanes

I think it’s kind of entertaining that even though the Usagi/Mamoru AMVs are more plentiful, the Usagi/Seiya ones are of higher caliber. This Usagi and Seiya AMV is great quality and with a fun, more recent song, Airplanes. 61 more words


SailorPao - Princess Serenity - Sailor Moon, Monarca Cosplay Internacional 2013

Spoiler Warning!?

Is it weird that I think that this skit wont work here in The United States because most conventions wont allow confetti? Anyways, this is a re-enactment from the last episode of Sailor Moon. Maybe NSFW?

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2 Review

The second episode of Sailor Moon Crystal is finally here! Having to wait two weeks for every new episode is going to be a test of will. 1,328 more words


First Thoughts: Usagi Drop

The first time I heard about ¬†Usagi Drop (Bunny Drop)¬†was when it was mentioned in one of DraconisMarch’s YouTube videos. It looked like something I would adore, so I checked it out. 137 more words


Sailor Moon Crystal

Episode 1

Usagi – Sailor Moon

This series reboot start much the way the previous one did, with Usagi (Serena in the English) waking up late for school. 465 more words

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Chibi Moon

Continuing my Sailor Moon theme for today (I haven’t even started watching the new Crystal, yet I’m already re-obsessed), here’s a squishy little chibi I drew at the laundromat last night. 20 more words


Sailor Moon Crystal

This week’s episode is a review of Sailor Moon Crystal. I talk mostly about the art, since that’s the biggest change from the old anime. I also mispronounce things, ramble, tell deep personal stories, and squee over sparkly things. 25 more words