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Day Four: Princess of the Moon

It took a lot of thinking, and I came to the conclusion that Usagi Tsukino is an important character to me and the one I think deserves the spot of my favorite female character. 696 more words


Fighting Evil By Moonlight - Let's Watch Sailor Moon Crystal, Episode 3

Act 3 – Sailor Mars

Stop drop and roll Jadeite cuz you just got BURNED (hey, foreshadowing!)

Open to Jadeite getting chewed out because he’s failed twice in a row so far to obtain the Legendary Silver Crystal, and the other Dark Generals are seeing this as an opportunity to perform. 1,871 more words


Sailor Moon Check In: Mamo-Chan & Usako

Hey all! I missed the check in last week due to Comic Con.

So I’m trying to catch up. I can’t even remember if I’m up to date on the anime. 482 more words


Fighting Evil By Moonlight - Let’s Watch Sailor Moon Crystal, Ep 2

Act 2 – Sailor Mercury

Open to a shot of mild mannered middle school student Ami Mizuno, having a Good Will Hunting moment. Everyone else is in awe at her intelligence. 1,507 more words


Trace Tutorial - Miyuki Kazuya

Again Miyuki is not mine, neither is this image. He belongs to the great Terajima Yuuji and comes from his series Diamond no Ace . I did this for simplicity and to show the tracing technique, please don’t start tracing things, claiming them as your own and/or selling them. 176 more words

USAGI, arty concept store in Paris

パリのオペラ地区にある小さなコンセプトストア『usagi』。日本語のウサギ?と思いのみなさん、このお店気になりませんか?パリで日本を感じるすっごくアーティーなところなんですよ。Vous connaissez la boutique USAGI? C’est un concept store et galerie d’art dans le quartier de l’Opéra. Usagi expose les créations insolites de jeunes artistes japonais et internationaux vivant à Paris, New York et Tokyo! 39 more words


Sailor Moon Crystal just got epic!

I’ve been loving SMC so far. How could I not? It’s my childhood anime, I always loved it, to this day my cousins recall how I would stop anything to watch it and record it, and then watched it again. 238 more words