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20 Year Obsession and Growing

Good afternoon, my fellow nerds!.

Let me begin by apologizing for my silence on the web. I’ve been absorbed in the many happenings of my life and have neglected an important part of it. 888 more words

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 3 - Rei - Sailor Mars!

It’s the big one. The apocalypse. The end times. It’s the introduction of my favourite anime character of all time … Sailor Mars! Yes! We are back. 1,494 more words


Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 3 Anime Review

HA! I get some of you forgot today was the day we’d get to see another fine episode of Sailor Moon Crystal? Well guess what! I’ve got this neat review that I wrote and I’m urging you to go see the episode before you read it. 669 more words


Episode Reaction - Sailor Moon: Crystal Episode 1+2

Intrigue Anime Presents: Sailor Moon: Crystal

Episode 1- Usagi – Sailor Moon

Episode 2- Ami – Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon: Crystal could be classified in the same group as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Dragonball Kai as an anime that is remade to better follow the original manga and cut out any filler. 497 more words


I Enjoy Spending Time Alone...

I posted this earlier on Tumblr, but it still applies. Plus, I think this screencap from Sailor Moon R (episode 42, for the curious) is dang funny. 25 more words


A Little Motivation...

Sometimes you feel on top of it, that you can handle whatever the world throws at you…

All images: Toei Animation, Sailor Moon.

It’s not always like that though. 13 more words