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SadoTech 10400 mAh Dual USB Portable Charger for All USB Port Devices

You will know soon that SadoTech is a name of reliability, affordability and Value. I was also not aware of this company’s exceptional traits until the company sent me SadoTech 10400 portable dual USB charger. 409 more words

Dual Port Usb Charger

Power Up

When I first found glucose meters that were rechargeable by USB, I thought it was neat. When the latest CGM model was released with a USB charger, I was pretty thrilled. 277 more words


Protip: When traveling with kids, don't forget the charger

I’ve made a small investment in a simple piece of hardware that I hope will keep me from having to perform the classic “frustrated dad maneuver” this weekend – that is, threatening to pull the car over and making the kids walk. 496 more words


Bushnell Bear Grylls SolarWrap Mini USB Charger

I’m typically an advocate for leaving electronics at home while hitting the outdoors but if you must…. here is a little gem my friend introduced me to: Bushnell Bear Grylls SolarWrap Mini USB Charger. 96 more words


Soldering Practice with the Mintyboost

At my school there is a club that I’m part of called Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and it’s surprisingly extremely active. In the beginning of every semester the club assigns projects to the club as a whole. 409 more words


Deal of the Week | August 1st, 2014: Compact USB AC Adapter for $4.99

Think for a moment: How many gadgets do you currently own that are charged via USB?

iPhones and most other smartphones are recharged using USB. So are iPods, along with many cameras, electronic toys, and myriad other devices. 70 more words

Deal Of The Week

Axis 45514 6-Outlet Swivel Surge Protector with USB Ports

In this video I show you the very cool Axis 45514 6-Outlet Swivel Surge Protector with USB Ports. I have been using this thing for a few now and it works great and is easy to hide. 29 more words