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Bishop Pates to Secretary Kerry; United States must change trade and economic policies, stop drugs and arms flow to end border crisis

Focuses on violence and related economic factors that drive people to migrate
Encourages drug treatment programs at home and restrictions on gun exports
Notes damage caused by U.S., Canadian mining companies in Latin America… 354 more words

Archbishop Kurtz joins Pope Francis in calling for prayers, action for peace in Middle East, Ukraine, Africa, Central America

Israel, Hamas conflict terrorizes Israeli civilians, costs the lives of more than 500 Gazans, most of them civilians.
Conflicts in Syria, Iraq have caused millions to flee homes, tens of thousands to die… 510 more words


USCCB chairmen respond to 'unprecedented and extreme' executive order

The bishop-Chairmen of two USCCB Committees responded with great concern to President Obama’s July 21 executive order to prohibit federal government contractors from what the Administration deems “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” discrimination and to forbid “gender identity” discrimination in the employment of federal employees. 472 more words


US Bishops Defund Immigrant Rights Group Over LGBT Equality

US Bishops Defund Immigrant Rights Group Over LGBT Equality.

My 2 Cents Worth

About time they did their job!

Now, what about my diocese. You have not correct my bishops or women religious. I’m waiting! 

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Bishop Pates urges Secretary Kerry to pursue an Israel-Hamas ceasefire, reiterates call to work for lasting peace

The United States should seek an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, provide humanitarian relief to the vulnerable people of Gaza, and return to the challenge of pursuing a just and lasting peace, said the chairman of the U.S. 284 more words


Revised 'Order of the Mass' for US Catholics adds hand sanitizer for extraordinary ministers

By Nora Wahadi

Faith, Beliefs, and Non-Beliefs Writer

It was a long time coming for this self-proclaimed son of Vatican II, but The Rev. Sean O’Hannigan… 572 more words

'More respect for religious freedom' needed after failed Senate vote to curtail it

Today the U.S. Senate voted against considering S. 2578, a bill empowering the federal government to override the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and other federal conscience laws when it mandates including any “item or service” in health plans. 247 more words