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We've Got the Golden Ticket!

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate…Golden tickets? Yes. The newest Case + Code example is probably the tastiest that we’ve built so far. This DDS use case example illustrates how to use RTI Connext DDS to build a chocolate factory. 521 more words



Use-case adalah model diagram UML yang digunakan untuk menggambarkan requirement fungsional yang diharapkan dari sebuah sistem. Use-case diagram menekankan pada “siapa” melakukan “apa” dalam lingkungan sistem perangkat lunak akan dibangun.

Customer Relationship - Human Health Graphs

The customer relationship I seek is life long, starting with the parents of the fetus, ending with the executor of the individual’s estate who will disposition the deceased’s database of health and healthcare. 250 more words

Use Case? What's a Use Case?

In the land of business analysis, you’re bound to hear the term use case. Use cases are diagrams or instructions that step out a user’s interaction with a system. 208 more words

Business Analysis

PernixData FVP & StorMagic SvSAN Use Case

Post by Todd Mace (thnak you)

In continuing to look at alternate ways to provide a good ROI capacity layer with PernixData FVPFrank Denneman… 55 more words


BIG DATA Use Cases

Le aziende leader che vogliono differenziarsi sul mercato e mantenere un alto vantaggio competitivo hanno la necessità di far leva sulle nuove informazioni integrandole nel sistema decisionale aziendale. 134 more words

Analytics Intelligence

Apache Hive: 5 facts

  1. Hive is a SQL-like layer on top of Hadoop
  2. Use it when you have some sort of structure to your data.
  3. You can use JDBC and ODBC drivers to interface with your traditional systems.
  4. 87 more words