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Use cases and complex systems

We are midway through writing a funding proposal at the moment. The proposal is for a particular site, but the nature of the site is more a hub for things that happen outside of the network ether and in the wide, open world. 816 more words


A City Fiction

Episode 1 | 10 min
I fell in love with Medium the other day having rediscovered the platform last week. It is such a beautiful platform that really helps me focus on just writing and less on fixing the presentation.
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Happy 10th Birthday, Portal!

The Portal Project hosted at PSU is near & dear to our hearts here at PDXPUG. (It’s backed by an almost 3TB Postgres database.) We’ve had several talks about this project over the years: 84 more words


Snap Poll: Master's Project Part 2 - Possible Use Cases

Crowd-sourcing popular choice

Restaurant menu recommendation: which dish is a “must try” at this restaurant?

Restaurant recommendation – which place has the best tacos around Tech? 65 more words


Using macros to simplify type visitors and enums

I like using enums and type hierarchies. What I don’t like is writing verbose switch statements to use them. In C++ I use macros to significantly reduce the burden of creating visitors. 878 more words


Back to School tips for Lost :(  and Found :)

This School Year, be prepared and recover your stuff with Dynotag!

As Summer memories fade, is it already time for the new school year.

With all the anxiety, new classes, new schoolmates and all, we might as well start a race to see who loses the most things! 273 more words


Most popular NSX use case

From talking to the NSX experts yesterday at “Meet the Experts”, I learned that the most popular use case for NSX is “micro segmentation” within the enterprise, moving firewall filtering between VMs to “ESXi as a service”.  73 more words