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Scenarios as a design tool

On today’s lecture we looked into scenarios as one effective tool for designing user interactions and functionalities of a system. In a nutshell, scenarios are stories about users and situations. 1,015 more words

Quelling the floating point demon in my line rendering code

A floating point demon had attacked my rendering code. Instead of drawing a nice straight line I’d get a devil’s tail flurried with barbs. It preferred disrupting the basic tests, straight lines, leaving complex curves in peace. 1,071 more words


Have You Deliberately Thought About Your User? Really?

Human centred design, experience design, use case design (from software engineering) all take into account the experience of the customer / client / user from their point of view. 42 more words


An app for personal food management

My personal life is just about as busy as my professional life. With two working professionals in the household and kids with continuous events and activities, my spouse and I rarely encounter the prized “dull moment” (but when we do, oh, how we savor it!). 1,337 more words


Why Epics are Epic

Epics are the poor relation of the User Story.  An epic is something that’s simply just too big; something to be broken down at the earliest opportunity; something to be forgotten when the individual stories have been found … 602 more words