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ECFI Munich - Stefano Nunziata

Whilst in Munich for ECFI 2 (Europe’s 2nd conference on the future internet), we spoke to Stefano Nunziata from our Italian use case.

Stefano is Project Manager for Cup2000 an in-house company of the regional health system in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. 107 more words


New video: Java Embedded for IoT

In case you haven’t seen it yet:

Oracle released a new video about the challenges of building embedded solutions in the Internet of Things and how Java Embedded can help, including some interesting data and real-world use cases. 6 more words


Expanding into Australia

Australia. The land of the ‘fair go’, throwing shrimp on the barbie and Aussie Rules Footy. It is also the driest inhabited continent on earth, where the mining and agricultural sectors account for a significant percentage of the nation’s exports.​ 376 more words

Cryptocurrency products and services will determine adoption of the currency - not the other way round

The critics of Bitcoin-the-currency are right… but only in the sense that the motor-car was a poor imitation of a horse…

I had a light-bulb moment this week. 1,521 more words


9 Ways To Reuse Your Old Windows Phone 7 Now That You've Got Windows Phone 8

With the recent launch of the iPhone 6, there have been several articles on how you can continue to use your old iPhone if/when you upgrade,  248 more words

Use Cases

How to structure a winning presentation agenda for VCs and prospects

Entrepreneurs and start-up executives continue to struggle with the best way to present their company to venture capitalists and their target customers. Especially for early stage companies, their personal and professional credibility are on the line. 736 more words


A simple but effective use case for a social platform: Beating those problems with scheduling meetings

Having problems scheduling meetings? Can’t get time in diaries?

Sometimes you just can’t all get together for a meeting. And that can slow a project or initiative down. 45 more words