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It's Time to Kill the Used Game Market.

In the summer leading up to the release of the new generation of consoles, Microsoft attracted a lot of heat when it announced that it would restrict used games on it system, effectively killing the used game market. 1,076 more words


Trading In Games - I Don't Get It (But Try And Understand)!

Nathan talks about how he’s never really understood why people trade-in games to stores. Or maybe he understands, but disagrees?


March 27, 2004 - Falling asleep at the controller

Saturdays at Kawasaki NOVA are brutal! It is by far the busiest day of the week, and I work 8 lessons instead of the 5 I usually work during the week as a “part time” employee. 88 more words

Life In Japan


Some of my fondest memories of growing up are from playing video games with my granddad and my cousins. I was the kid that cheated by holding the Duck Hunt controller right up next to the screen! 452 more words


Walmart excepting used games

Today at a conference call Wal-Mart announced it will accept Video game trade-ins as of March 26th. The true difference between Wal-Mart Trade ins would be that credit received from the trade in is not limited to gaming purchases. 93 more words

Video Games

Walmart is going into the used games market


That’s the exact message I sent Chad.

Very excited to see how this turns out considering Gamestop shares fell 4.53 percent since this announcement. 168 more words

Wally World Gives a Thumbs Up to Used Games

Walmart put out a press release to announce that they will soon be taking used video games in for store credit and refurbishing those games to make them “available for purchase in like-new condition at a great low price.” 336 more words