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Are We Owners or Merely Users? - PART I

By: Luis A. Velez, The IP Trend™ Blog

This is a three-part publication, which raises questions regarding the new digital market and its effects in the video game industry. 539 more words

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GameStop Updating Trade-In Program and Offering More Money

GameStop catches a lot of flack for their used games trade-in program. Most people feel that the scheme gives sellers too little money compared to what GameStop is able to resell them for. 404 more words


GameStop Offering More Money For Trade-Ins, Is it Enough for You? | POLL

Earlier today, a report from Kotaku detailed a new trade-in pricing structure which eliminates the complicated incentives model currently in place at GameStop.  The old method gave extra percentages on trade-in value toward used games, game reservations and more.   378 more words


GameStop to Overhaul Trade-in System

GameStop has always been the butt of jokes due to the lackluster trade-in program, and the way the different franchises would gouge prices. Trade in your cherished edition of  794 more words

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Gamestop tightens security on used game sales

Some GameStop stores in the city of Philadelphia have begun to require customers to provide fingerprint scans if they want to trade-in their used games. Now that may sound a bit strange but the new requirement is intended to serve as a anti-theft measure that can help local authorities track criminals who use GameStop stores as pawn shops. 230 more words