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So it’s been 13 days since I last wrote. This post is about my actual surgery and the few days after. 

The type of bunion surgery I had is a lapidus bunionectomy. 844 more words


The Rubber Band

A rubber band is only good for something when it’s being stretched. If it’s just laying around, not being stretched and not being productive then it’s not living up to its potential and is useless! 38 more words



“To do whatever you feel like doing at any point of time.”

Is it arrogance, OR sticking to principles? Do I wear a mask to pretend to be the person I am not OR, do I stick to my principles and be a wet blanket?  182 more words

GIF's that Teach You Something

Today I came across this piece of awesomeness.  When I first saw the yolk “hop up” into the bottle I couldn’t believe my eyes,  but then after a couple more loops it started making sense. 31 more words

Lint Unraveled

Life is like fishing

Last Saturday, together with a group of friends, we went aboard a yacht trip. It started early in the morning about 9am, put whatever food and drinks on board and sailed off. 492 more words

Sorry for the delay

Not a perfect start to my daily blog but sometimes there are more important things in life; family and friends.

So to pick up where I left off, my productive activities over the last few days have varied somewhat. 204 more words