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Useless Fashion 30

My best friend, Xue Wen, actually gave me this head band from Japan. I was with her when she bought it, and she bought it for herself actually. 109 more words

Useless Fashion

Useless Fashion 29

In this 29th Useless Fashion blog post, I am going to blog about a pre-order ring

Pre-order items are ordered online but my ring was actually a free gift because I bought two other rings online. 156 more words

Useless Fashion

From Useless Thing Becomes Cool Office Desks

Do you really like a distinctive and outdated automobile design? If you really love it, you will want that automobile every single time, correct? And, for today you are able to apply your old automobile in your office. 21 more words


Io sono te

E dio solo sa quanto durerà questa breve litania
Solo io ti aiuterò a finirla



nothing to write home about

when i was in high school, and maybe even earlier on, i developed a skill that was very very useful while note taking.  i could look at the teacher, whether they were talking or writing something on the black board, and write on my note pad at the same time (without looking at the paper).   188 more words


Presenting the ChanStalker

Inspired by Commie Subs, dedicated to denpa, motivated by Voldenet and wrote by Gaen tabaha me.

The concept is simple: searches all the threads in the first page for a group of words and reports back with links to the posts that contain it. 112 more words


The itch to buy

As soon as check-in and the security drill are behind me, I enter the gateway to adventure; an airport terminal, a hub of possibilities. Unless I have arrived at the absolute last minute, I can now relax and explore. 246 more words