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Tears For Now

I’ve always felt,
Mostly loathsome and distant,
But I always felt.

Not a Good Morning

A good dose of Rose is always just how I like to start my mornings…NOT!

I have barely been in her presence and have been insulted numerous times! 114 more words


A dumb but nice thing I did

Here’s what I like about having a 3D printer in the basement. Tonight the 9-year-old had a friend over, and we all got some pizza, and on the pizza were a couple of those little legged-spacer things that keep the cardboard box top from sinking down into the cheese and sauce. 76 more words


Ewww! Gross!!!

I think this toaster needs a cleaning, I wonder who’s turn it is?

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What's the Point?

Seriously. I feel useless, worthless, empty. The only reason that I’m still alive is because I care about other people. But where the fuck are those people? 298 more words

congrats cody

He finally bit on something. Looks like he proved what we always knew. He isn’t a backstabbing useless ungrateful motherfucker like Nicole Rombaoa is.

Should we give him the access to everything? 45 more words

Nicole Rombaoa