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potentiality is arbitrarrryyyyyyy

from now i reject the ‘will be’ and embrace the ‘is’

i am no longer a consciousness choosing actions. i am a part of a flow that has already started. 521 more words

The Alex Salmond reader. We shall not see his like again.

The Knife’s objections to Salmond and his crony government are on record back to 2010. This blog doesn’t get high traffic, but it does alright. One of the single most read posts is  296 more words

Politicians of today ~ a short description

From Peggy Noonan, via Elizabeth Scalia (writing brilliantly about Hillary Clinton). She was referring to various Americans, but it’s a global problem. The passage describes the biggest hitters, but the small town version is the most common. 158 more words

#indyref ~ an idiot's guide to the Scottish referendum

Amidst a slew of overblown Salmond eulogies, it’s possible to construct a concise and definitive guide to what’s just convulsed – and nearly wrecked – Scotland. 214 more words

tea leaf

you meet a girl, and you watch her as she stains sheaves of papyrus with warm tea.

her brush is handled with a delicacy you desired four years ago – when you still knew the scent of watercolor and its stain in your fingertips… 36 more words

A Letter to the New World Order: Dear Dr. Julie Gerberding

TRUTHstreammedia, Sep 15, 2014

Welcome back to Truthstream’s “Letters to the New World Order.” Letter #5 goes out to former CDC head turned president of Merck & Co.’s vaccine division, Dr. 74 more words


Week 9 - Affordances: What can web presentation do?

This week we went through over presenting our About Face Assignment. This was stressful enough getting to a finished point let alone the issues I had with my computer freezing up a lot! 70 more words

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