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Meet Our Ebola Czar: a Bureaucrat with No Medical Experience Who Helped Fuel the Housing Bubble

TRUTHstreammedia, October 2014

I was joking around at the possibility of our nation actually having an “Ebola czar” just yesterday, and now Obama has actually appointed one. 146 more words


The selfishness of the Nats

Of all the many arguments for voting No in the recent Scottish referendum, one had sort of passed me by till I caught up with a recent Spectator. 202 more words

Retard PROBABLE!!!

It says possible but we all know it’s probable!!!


Managing Your Records: Aware of Your Closet’s Contents? PART 1

Emmy was as excited as any other young girl could be. Her life was finally falling into place. She had lived her life exactly to the societal expectations. 926 more words

Records Management

Pennies Need To Go Die

:) I have a very strong opinion on this matter.

Pennies are absolutely worthless and getting rid of them is like the solution to all of our problems and it’s right in our freaking faces! 264 more words

Random Philosophic Rant

So… Hi again! Sorry it’s been a while. I would make up some excuses about being busy (which I have been), being stressed (which I have been), but in truth the reason I haven’t written anything in a while is because I am lazy. 660 more words


568.2 - Useless Worries and What Really Matters in America - YouTube

We are slammed with so much news during the day that it is hard, at times, to see what really matters. From ebola, the southern border, ISIS, and other issue…