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Working in Agile - Planning Releases and Sprints - What is a user story

The user story is a simple description of a product requirement in terms of what that requirement must accomplish for whom. Your user story will have the following parts: 223 more words

SpotOpp - Testimonial of Vijay

It feels great to help people. You make some ones day, they feel good, you feel satisfied. May be make a new friend? Or just be rewarded. 150 more words

Product Manager Day 115: Stakeholders, don't filter! Product Folks - ask deeper!

It’s funny, but potentially unproductive, when stakeholders filter down the story or requirements before approaching the Product team – their own triage of sorts.

Funny because it’s almost as if they were doing the PM’s job (undoubtedly a blissful position for some PMs!). 431 more words

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The Coach's Guide Series

I am excited to announce the launch of our new book series: A Coach’s Guide. Based on the success of our first book on… 90 more words


PEARL XVIII : Elucidation on ATDD - Acceptance Test Driven Development

PEARL XVIII : Elucidation on ATDD – Acceptance Test Driven Development 

TDD helps software developers produce working, high-quality code that’s maintainable and, most of all, reliable. 5,598 more words

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