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Wednesday, 28th January 2015

User experience, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈjuːzə ɪkˈspɪərɪəns/
Etymology: user n. + experience n.

The overall experience of a person using highly toxic and addictive drugs, especially heroin or crack cocaine, … 13 more words


Configure User Mailbox in Exchange Server 2013

After installing and configuring Exchange 2013 you have to create recipients to be able to send and receive emails. There are different types of recipients in Exchange 2013. 18 more words

Reset User Password in Exchange 2013

Configuring and changing password is one of the important tasks in securing an IT environment. At times, users do forget their passwords, or maybe the password is not strong enough, or the password is to be changed every month, so a password change i…

No more Jet Lag!, Well, kind of.. How to automatically change your timezone in Salesforce

A few days back, a colleague asked a question on how to automatically change the time zone in Salesforce. Having been a road warrior myself, I can definitely understand why someone would want this feature. 1,366 more words


What? there's nothing here?

I could have sworn I had something in WP, albeit small and ill-attended, but I signed in today to leave a comment and discovered that I had nothing at all. 139 more words


“Oh, we don’t call them ‘users’ anymore,” the Service Desk supervisor said to me. “We call them ‘customers’ now. It’s to remind us of their importance to us and to show them that we’re focused on their customer experience.” Her description was spot on, an almost perfect rendition of the well-meaning, hyperbolic, committee-designed, public relations statement that had accompanied the recent IT reorganisation.

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IT User Support


I have come to the realization of the reality and horror of what emotional abuse is.

The scarier part of that, is the realization that people have been emotionally abusing me for my whole life. 372 more words