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Prevent Windows 8 previous users auto logon

With multiple user accounts in Windows 8 you may notice Windows 8 logs on the last user at start. We will make a change in the registry to allow a list of users at the logon screen. 141 more words


Kaspersky AntiVirus 2013 3 Users In

Wondering, why call on the kaspersky support phone number, when local experts are there to help? It’s simple, if you are someone who is looking for an immediate help and cannot spare the time that an onsite repair requires, its best to call on this number. 262 more words

Strategies for Connecting with Mobile Users

Mobile devices have shifted Internet use from a strictly stationary activity to one that occurs while users are on the move. Smart phones, tablet computers, e-readers, and other Internet-enabled mobile devices allow users to conduct online searches, connect through social media accounts, and consume online content from just about anywhere. 113 more words


Net Suite Users List

To reach the targeted markets in North America, Europe & APAC, buy prepackaged or customized Net Suite Users List and Net Suite Business List from Thomson Data. 38 more words

Win by not playing

It’s always been amazing to me the extent that I would go to for my employer. The amount of additional extra miles I am able to stroll through without payback or a pat on the back. 536 more words

And You Wonder Why I Have Trust Issues??

Investor sentiment on tech goes from giddy to glum (Modesto Bee)

I don’t want to touch on this whole article, quite frankly it was confusing, boring, and sounded like people with a lot more expensive college degrees than me wrote it.   303 more words

A Quick Look At Windows Operating System Folders

Operating system folders are the folders that Windows needs to work. There is no harm in looking at them; just don’t change anything unless you know what you’re doing. 356 more words