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Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome: Financing for Veteran Entrepreneurs

At a nondescript industrial building in Petaluma, California, local entrepreneur and Army veteran Joe Meisch inspects his latest batch of handheld Temple Massagers, right off the production line. 462 more words


question of the day 2

“Hello, a user would like access to XLS Viewer.”

“They have Excel.”

“They need access to XLS Viewer.”

“They have Excel.”

“Yes, but they’ve requested access to XLS Viewer…” 15 more words


Types of 'dumb fucks' as Mark Zukerberg calls his Facebook users

If Facebook were a country , it would be third largest country in the world and it’s population is increasing at a faster rate than combined rate of China and India . 365 more words

Two More SmugMuggles Win Big in Our Refer-a-Friend Contest

Just a quick announcement to congratulate (and thank!) the summer winners of our ongoing Refer-a-Friend contest. If you’ve just tuned in, we’re celebrating all the great photo lovers in our family with a contest that runs through the end of 2o14. 130 more words


Here's how Facebook's new click-bait strategy could affect your News Feed

NEW YORK (PIX11) - Facebook will be making two major changes to the News Feed in an effort to cut down on spammy, “click bait” stories and bring users the breaking news that, according to surveys, they would rather be seeing. 313 more words



Our first discussion of a web feature topic drew heavily from the second week of Hinton and Hjorth (2013) and Van Dijck and Poell (2013) readings around tensions between user freedoms and an exercise of power by media systems. 137 more words

The Useler

Disclaimer(kinda): All opinions expressed are the sole perspective of the little fat black girl. Every person is different and this blog is not an indictment of all men(or women). 910 more words