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Football Mums and Mother Russia

My parents used to buy a rather conservative and old-fashioned Sunday newspaper. It was not the kind of thing a teenager would choose to purchase, but I would glance through it anyway – the news, the features, the trite little anecdotes and the fuddy-duddy opinions being only slightly appetising preliminaries to the real meat of the rag: the adverts just before the sports pages. 753 more words

tea cup

Latvian Vintage

Price: 1,000 yen

On This Day In Space History

1930 - Birth of Boris Nikolayevich Belousov –  Belarusian engineer, cosmonaut, 1965-1968

1944 - Birth of Anatoli Ivanovich Dedkov – Belarusian pilot, cosmonaut, 1970-1983

1961 - Changes in Saturn launch vehicle configurations announced : C-1: Stages S-I (1.5 million pounds of thrust) and S-IV, C-2: Stages S-I, S-II, and S-IV, C-3: Stages S-IB (3 million pounds of thrust), S-II, and S-IV. 663 more words


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Soviet union (Belarus) Vintage

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Estonian Vintage

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Command #1: The Soviets

In the following series of posts, I want to reflect on the strategy games I played in the past. So without further ado, let me begin: 196 more words


Our Sort-of Literal Run In With Putin

If you ever had any doubt that Russians are in their own class of crazy, especially in the wintertime, this is all the proof you need… 1,287 more words