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Why hockey needs to appreciate the Red Army

At the height of the Cold War, one could say that everything in the public was scrutinized more than necessary. There was a hint of secrecy and in other words a terrifying sense of immediate nuclear destruction that could tear the world apart in an instant. 749 more words


3 Reasons Why Socialism Is Bad

I am tired of telling people why redistributive or “socialist” economic policies are wrong. But let me start from the beginning once more and come at it from a different angle—or, really, three different angles. 718 more words

Theodore Maly (1894-1938), a Soviet Hero


Come gli ebrei (ben pochi si salvarono: erano stati la spina dorsale del Comunismo), all’approssimarsi del Grande Terrore aveva i mesi contati, essendo stato un prete da giovane, prima di bolscevico. 162 more words


15 Real Gadgets and Weapons Used by KGB Spies During the Cold War

The KGB’s main functions were foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, operative-investigatory activities, guarding the State Border of the USSR, guarding the leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Soviet Government, organization and ensuring of government communications as well as combating nationalism, dissent, and anti-Soviet activities. 21 more words


Завершено строительство трамвайной линии Центр-Мыза.

Завершено строительство трамвайной линии Центр-Мыза. 1930г.
Грунтовка, левее трамвайной линии – арзамасское шоссе, будущий пр.Гагарина. Еще левее – будущий парк им. Ленинского комсомола.

Nizhny Novgorod


Автор: Семён Фридлянд.

Nizhny Novgorod