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So Russia Violated A Missile Treaty, Does Fiery Death Await Us All?

It’s being reported by the Associated Press and just about every other news site on the planet that Russia stands accused of conducting intermediate cruise missile tests, a violation of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty signed by the United States and the Soviet Union in 1987. 510 more words

Mapping and Distorting the Arctic

I’m here at the University of Minnesota’s Polar Boot Camp, which is run by the on-campus Polar Geospatial Center (PGC). The PGC was established in 2007 and is funded by the National Science Foundation, a United States government agency. 1,481 more words


Back in the USSR

If you read enough history of the Soviet Union and communism, you may begin to suspect that the movement fell apart due to boredom. The countless meetings. 595 more words


The US has lost tens of thousands of AK-47s in Afghanistan

After more than a decade of weapons supplies, cumulatively worth some $626 million, to Afghan security forces, US inspectors have discovered a problem: the Afghan National Army and Police have more weapons — up to 100,000 more — than they need. 515 more words

On These Day's In Space History.

1920 – July 28: Birth of Vsevolod Sergeyevich Avduyevskiy – Russian scientist. First Deputy Director of TsNIIMash 1973-1987. Scientist at NII-1 1953-1973

1947 – July 28: Birth of Alexei Sergeyevich Borodai –  Ukrainian test pilot, cosmonaut, 1979-1993. 1,173 more words


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