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Apollo's Girl


Strange (but Interesting!) Lands:
International Sci-Fi

Days of Eclipse

Watching the opening/credit sequence of a film can tell you a lot about what may follow. 1,009 more words


Mega Soviet statues!!

The shadow of the Soviet Era falls long over Budapest and nowhere shows the actual physical dominance of the USSR better than Memento Park.

This unusual tourist attraction sits several miles out of the city and hosts some of the regime’s epic statues that used to literally loom large over the citizens. 395 more words


The Long Plane Ride to Freedom

On August 21st, 1968, the Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia in a highly successful attempt to halt democratic reforms that had been taking place in that country since January of that same year. 761 more words

25 Sic Semper Tyrannis... Patriots Topple Bandera's Tombstone


It’s only fair… S A Bandera was a man, who in life, was a murderer and criminal who stopped at nothing… does it surprise you that such generated revenge? 66 more words


The Ukraine Had Every Opportunity to Become Rich


In the USSR, the Ukrainian SSR was one of the most successful republics. It combined a highly developed industry like the Baltic States with wealth similar to that of Transcaucasia.  513 more words


Economic Initiative and Bolshevism

“The basic problems of agriculture were not, of course, Khrushchev’s creation. He interfered, reorganized, and campaigned too much, but he had inherited a generation of neglect and impoverishment and a system in which change could come only by order from above, since it treated peasant or even farm-managerial initiative with instinctive suspicion. 30 more words

Economic History