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Pixies - Doolittle (1989)

I think it’s a good idea to start this review with a quote by Kurt Cobain:

I was trying to write the ultimate pop song. I was basically trying to rip off the Pixies.

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US / UK Englishes! Pronunciation differences

World Englishes at talkingpeople.net: http://www.talkingpeople.net/tp/languages/worldeng.html

By the way, this evening, while having a drink with my adorable colleagues, Lola, the French teacher, and I talked about the possibility of inviting a retired elite sports Canadian friend of hers to give a talk to you all on the differences between Canadian English and US American English, and also about the jokes on stereotypes they have! 27 more words


Our Distance

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MVs - chiếc gương soi của nước Mỹ

(Bài đã đăng trên báo 2! Người Trẻ Việt)

Kể từ khi MTV xuất hiện và dấy lên làn sóng “xem” nhạc trong ngành công nghiệp thu âm đến nay, thị trường khó tính USUK luôn xướng lĩnh thế giới không chỉ về style nhạc, công nghệ làm phim mà cả ý tưởng MVs cũng không bao giờ chịu đụng hàng. 2,660 more words

Dạ Ly

The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)

While learning about the classics of rock music in the 20th century, I stumbled upon The Velvet Underground & Nico, a highly acclaimed album released in 1967. 497 more words