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Echo of a maxim (poem)

You have pitted us all against each other,

against any sense we envy, worship & trample one another,

the illusion of your necessity fools many, 50 more words

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Introduction to Riba (Part 1)

In the name of Allah SWT we seek forgiveness from Allah SWT for any misinterpretation and mistakes we make in trying to introduce and find out the true definition and importance of Riba. 1,023 more words

Islamic Guidance

Payday Loans: Best Thing to Happen to America

When thinking about what makes this country great, Payday loans are usually what come first in my mind. There is just something about the systematic taking advantage of people that literally have no other options that just gives me a “feel good” sensation all over… Ok, obviously the title to this was satirical, but anyone with an IQ over 75 would know that. 443 more words


An open letter to Mr Russell Brand

Dear Russell,

My name used to be Russell too, until I was given the name of J’iam which means “hand of I Am, Hand of Love, Servant of Love.” Like yourself I am a revolutionary, but I have been given a system to replace the present irretrievably broken economic system and return the power back to the people. 365 more words

What Does the Church Say About Usury?

Q1: There is no canon in the current Code of Canon Law relating to usury.  The 1917 Code contained an explicit provision, canon 1543.  What is the Church’s latest position on usury?  1,604 more words

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The Root Of ALL The World's Problems Is Usury

Not much more to add to this excellent interview, except that ALL PYRAMIDICAL power structures, that concentrate power in the hands of the few, at the top, will ALWAYS be corrupt or get corrupted ! 75 more words

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Wretched Richard's Almanac: Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

August 30, 1794

In the late 1800s, many of the unfortunates who found themselves in English prisons were there as a result of debts they could not pay. 271 more words