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New technology makes subprime auto lending usury easy and profitable

Summary: Reading news about trends and events without explanations of why provides entertainment, but seldom gives actionable insights — whether for individual action or public policy initiatives. 858 more words


Fractional ownership and allocation, one of the key measures, towards thermodinamic efficiency.

Fractional ownership

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“Fractional ownership simply means the division of any asset into portions or shares. If the “asset” is a property, the title or deed can be legally divided into shares. 652 more words


The Lost Tribes of Israel

The ten lost tribes of Israel were absorbed through usury. Absorbed.

Human Sacrifice

Conservative school board revolution: Column

Conservative school board revolution: Column

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“Conservative school board officials are quietly trying to rewrite history and social studies curriculum, erasing parts of history they don’t like and simply making up history they wish was true. 476 more words


Get the Best Bidders for Your Cash

If you have consistent income, don’t use credit. Save cash, then when you need something, sell your cash to the best bidder. Make them compete to give you the best product for your cash. 23 more words

September 22 - Borrowed Time

Do this now , my son, and deliver yourself when you have put yourself into the power of your neighbor; go, bestir and humble yourself, and beg your neighbor . 362 more words


Echo of a maxim (poem)

You have pitted us all against each other,

against any sense we envy, worship & trample one another,

the illusion of your necessity fools many, 50 more words

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