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Usury... is it a sin?

Did you know that engaging in USURY is a major sin which could lead you to Hell?

A Muslim will never eat pork because it is Haram (unlawful); will never drink wine because it is Haram; will never marry his mother or sister because it is Haram, yet that very same person, so called practicing Muslim, has no problem in dealing with USURY. 288 more words

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First a bit of free advertising for an article on usury by David Warren at The Catholic Thing, which buckyinky pointed out in the… 245 more words


The "clarifications" will continue until divorce and "remarriage" are approved

Notice the framing of this question:

There is bitter dispute over the meaning of the Encyclical Letter, “Vix Pervenit.” …

“… the penitent perseveres in his plan of giving money as a…

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Beware the Merchant Cash Advance

I had a missed call today from some number in Florida – I assumed it was from “Kelly from Credit Card Services,” since I get a couple of those each day (and I wish that our legislators could clamp down on these hqiz-eaters once and for all.) 221 more words


Against the stenchus fidelium we declare "invictus manure!"

I’ll attempt to clarify the point I made below.

Compare this:

“If a penitent does not confess the gain from money given in a loan, and appears to be in good faith, these confessors, even if they know from other sources that gain of this sort has been taken by him and is even now being taken, they absolve him, making no interrogation about the matter, because they fear the penitent, being advised to make restitution or to refrain from such profit, will refuse.”

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Guest post: Usury and chattel slavery

The usurer says, Care for my property and pay me for the opportunity. Keep it intact. Make good every loss and return to me an increase which you by your energy and effort may produce. 236 more words