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The Price of Gas

Probably the worst part of owning a car is having to buy gas. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my car and the fact that I no longer have to take public transit. 357 more words

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Fees May Apply

Nowadays, it is impossible to live without a cellphone, especially if you’re a young adult living by themselves. The thing is, cellphone companies know this and charge, especially in Canada, high rates. 549 more words

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Completion of the Utilities

The water, electric and gas are now all complete and the trenches that were dug have been back filled. Just in need of a bit of landscaping!


Save Energy, Save Money

I have been living by my lonesome for about a month now. I recently got to experience opening up my first energy and water bill… So not as fun as one may expect. 299 more words

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Ofgem warns UK energy companies to improve customer service – or else…

The UK energy regulator, Ofgem, has described the customer service offered by the Big Six energy companies in the UK as ‘frankly awful’. This verdict was reached as the results of a national survey of energy companies was concluded – a survey Ofgem undertakes every two years to gauge how customers feel about their energy providers. 222 more words

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23 years of great customer service  - and then there’s everyone else. Why?

The Daily Telegraph recently published their list of the top 100 companies for customer service in the UK. It’s an interesting mix of banks, retailers, airlines, and utilities with no obvious connecting theme except possibly the most important one, that regardless of the business you are in today, if you are interacting with customers then the quality of service offered is critical. 522 more words

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Bye Bye Cable

I’ve always had cable. I grew up with cable, basic and then the fancy cable with the PVR. I’ve never gone without really. It was actually one of the first things I got when I moved away from my parents house. 573 more words

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