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On the Road to Excellent Credit

Last night, I took Beverly Harzog’s Credit Personality Quiz in her wonderfully detailed book, Confessions of a Credit Card Junkie. Check out her book. She is a credit repair diva! 394 more words

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Is a camel without humps still useful?

For those who do not know, I have been a Summer Camp Director for the past 3 years. Our camp is medium-sized with a crew of around 40 staffers. 228 more words

How My PCP Alerted Me to the Potential for Abuse in Telehealth

This post was originally published on Project Millennial.

I recently called my primary care physician (PCP) for the first time in years to get my immunization records, and encountered a strange message saying he was not currently seeing patients. 652 more words

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filling potential

You can get your fill of full potential.


5 Step Approach to Maximizing Asset Utilization rates

There are lots of ways in which software can help you maximize your equipment utilization rates. We’ve listed the ones we think are the most important below, but if there are others you think are important please drop us a mail, or add a comment below so we can improve this article. 84 more words

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3 Easy Ways to Get Control of Your Rented Equipment

#1: Improve Visibility

The key to visibility in a fast paced construction environment is making sure that everyone who needs to has a place to go to find out What’s on Rent, Who it’s on Rent To, Where it’s currently located and How long it’s expected to stay on rent.   258 more words

Equipment Management

6 Simple Steps to Controlling Construction Equipment Costs

Step 1: Give your Job Sites complete visibility with a Job Site Portal

Everyone knows it happens. Your Job Sites have an emergency, they order something from a nearby rental company without you knowing, and the first time you find out about it is when an invoice hits your desk 4 weeks later.   401 more words

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