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Employee Assistance Programs can be MORE than just Counseling

We occasionally get really different requests from our clients to do something that wouldn’t normally fall under the scope of a traditional EAP. This is the story about the most recent example of how we partner with our clients to provide more to their employees. 463 more words


Enhancing Landfill Gas Recovery

by Hilary Haskell

Post-closure, landfills require after-care and remediation. As waste decomposes in anaerobic landfill environments, methane emissions are released as a component of landfill gases. 1,176 more words


Owners Work

May I be candid?

Too many people running small & medium sized firms really aren’t running them at all.  They’re owners who are doing staff work…..and that in a business they own. 253 more words


The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of CO2 Utilization

The concept of CO2 utilization goes something like this: instead of releasing CO2 into the atmosphere through industrial processes, we could instead capture CO2 from smokestacks (and/or the ambient atmosphere) and use this CO2 to manufacture carbon-based products — such as fuels, food, and construction materials. 758 more words