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Of masterless men & vagabond roguery

The fear of the uprooted wanderer is a recurring theme throughout modern European history. As shadow figures for the powerful, vagrants, travellers – ‘masterless men’, as some were called – have for centuries attracted a stigma consistent with indolence, criminality, blasphemous practices of various kinds, even treason. 938 more words


Remembering Pearl Harbor

Once again I have been prevented from enjoying myself in Honolulu by a whole series of dsyfuncions, and then I noticed that it is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on 07 Dec 41, and suddenly I understand. 107 more words

Meher Baba

Adam Teighe #5: Echoes (A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace)

In 1996, in response to the State’s growing efforts to consolidate their influence and control over the (at the time) newly emerging Web 2.0, cyber-libertarian and political activist John Perry Barlow published what he called the Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace. 540 more words

Adam Teighe

Utopia LTD. By Matthew Beaumont (Short Review)

Utopia novels are an interesting breed. While in contemporary societies we are perhaps more accustomed to utopian movies, back in the day utopian novels were as popular as dystopian fiction is today. 233 more words

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Technological Utopianism – The Perfect Society?

Mankind’s faith in the ‘technological utopia’ of the present has blinded the eventuating truth that technology will be the predominant and domineering force in future society. 646 more words