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Power of Speach

To understand the power of speech,

let us begin the discussion of this topic with the verses in Genesis that speak about creation.

How did God create the universe?  89 more words

Earlier in June

The catfish are slow as sleeping submarines today … black gray orbiting intentions beneath the lake’s glassy surface shadows … the breeze breaks in sheets of gathered cumber buns in rippled tight dancing laced light … dissolving into unseen reflections of greedy green graciousness … being held puzzle locked in this spell of Monet mirrors only by seldom cloud perfected patience of the cautious blue sky … a proud buck  has come to quench his thirst at the wild fork of Hazel brush across the fullest length of the lake … there pollen and sun strung steaming ribbons dance together in matte and highlight islands of paradox play … the red willows have begun to leaf seeming underwater coral … bluegill and sunfish to flirt about preparing for the coming June rituals … the curling willow feeding new and tender branches for the swallows to lite upon … assured safety before stamping the mud bank with their thirst or mouthfuls of nest mending cement … a blue heron’s approach from the north east causes the girl pup to resound a warning on my behalf … the flying fossil pays her littleness no mind … continuous in it’s unspoken grace and ever silent gliding path above my head … I marvel at the blessings of sights this given afternoon at Wren Haven … where the songbirds keep times with the work of the ladder backs … the wind makes love the every tree living or dead … the sky seldom knows it is possible to be imperfect … and loosing your way is a choice you allow others to make for you in moments of weakness … taken by Her beauty … yet still there is no sign of Mr. 20 more words

Poetry And Prose From The Author

Per Chance

Photo and Art Credit: Carla Dunlap © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Fill my dreams with the tales you will sing to me … you in your deep plum robes before the tall open windows where the night breezes of Arabian air blow the violet sheers on shadow sands of magic carpet rides … I stand before you, washed and willing … palms up, in yellow dress and veils … eyes closed, heart open the ancient voices speaking through you dangling from my fingertips as tendrils we wove from forbidden~ness … fill me … my heart is stained with a warmth only the removal of sin could press as candle wax seals upon obedience … eyes falling to eyes, ears begging for a moment more, smiles sent winged from angel’s gardens, and laughter … Oh the sweet simpleness of laughter being the gift it is … when centuries lie between … how you see reality and I know my illusions to be formed … of sandalwood smoke and cardamom biscuits … summer tea pressed from violet flowers gathered at nightfall … and … your ability to turn me away … if need be … without ever having touched your lips to mine beneath the weeping Moon’s white light … 6 more words
Poetry And Prose From The Author

Shavout and the Receiving of the Torah

Exodus 20

And God spoke all these words, saying

:*******Tablet #1*******

Commandment #1

I am the LORD thy God,

who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, … 1,340 more words