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Ninja Kitty No More

The kitten had attempted to scrawl a hostage message on the back window of the classic orange metal flake Firebird in an ancient Japanese script he had studied over the shoulder of his master who did mostly nothing except watch  endless loops of Wuxia movies and eat caramel corn, both of which  the cat adored immensely for their subtitles and the way the sticky sugar treat got balled up in his fur and he had no choice but to lick it out to free himself of it’s pestilence.   138 more words



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How will I best be of service in the days to come? 153 more words


Rose Syrup and Buds of Sugar

I bought the bottle so many years ago in the Indian market near where my sister lived. I would go there when she was at work and sink beneath the subtleties of the curries. 299 more words


... the waters of the One.

To be desirous of light beams captured in a prism’s kiss … held willing captive bright suspension in a morning dew drop on spider’s ordered web … fractal fabrication scattered in some ancients star map all living beings have forgotten … lest they be in the momentary climax of love’s ultimate remembrance … when union burst force to succor coupling … fetal fells wrapped about each other in desperation or in surrender … it is a choice … either way the same cell of beauty’s mouth wet with the sigh of every breath time has released in passion … it’s tattoo illuminating the intellect with stains of enigmatic osmotically scented  love bites … red- violet indulgent immersions in the waters of the One … may I meld with you until I am no longer known. 13 more words


Seeking Self

Seeking Self wandered glass gate the footpaths of soul … stair case and center cog cradle crown descends … as roof top billows branch below man’s pardonable acquisitions … The Self kinder than the Hermit cares the know tempest time as taking such brutal blows for her to care … cane from shelter shade and stand in Sun touched merry morning with Hope’s robe about the naked night she has been harnessed in and many moons ridden … Tis a bright cherry heart she desires of happy song and blue bird in the honeysuckle … when noontide promises to stay inside the presence more moments than dissolve from the beauty her smiles bring … There is this space of self remembrance … it is well and we are worthy. 13 more words


Looking at Life Through Bare Branches

Why do the flakes of snow cling to a twig? … Scallop song of delicate dangling confection … pearl strands powder sugared from the fringe edge of this year’s glad growth … watching the wind swept field beyond for bird or deer or fox at dusk … is it they want to be a part of That which is long forbidden ? 182 more words