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Sunscreen - your invisible faceshield

I posted this video recently on my FB and got quite a few shares, so I wanted to embed the link here. I love this video because oftentimes people don’t… 103 more words

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Chemicals from sunscreen are poisoning the ocean

Sunscreen has changed the lives of beach bums everywhere, allowing them to laze longer in the sun without their skin baking into a ruddy crisp. And it’s most likely made them safer, protecting them from the ultraviolet radiation that causes nearly nine-tenths of cases of skin cancer. 261 more words

What’s the Skinpact? By Dr. Kathy Fields

We’ve seen it on the tennis court and the golf course, at marathon starting lines and on hiking and biking trails … “athlete’s face”—the dark tan and deep wrinkles from countless hours of unprotected exercise in the great outdoors. 639 more words

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Your Face without Sunscreen

Check out what your face looks like without sunscreen and then when you apply it!

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WATCH: Your Skin Without Sunscreen!

This video was too incredible not to share! Creative photographer Thomas Leveritt uses a camera equipped with UV technology to show us what ordinary people look like without proper sunscreen protection on their skin. 115 more words

Top Steps to Better Skin

Whatnot is happening on your face is a sign as what is happening on the inside. Strain, food, and daily routine play big influences in the condition of your skin, while carefully taking the correct measures will aid creating a healthier skin. 446 more words


Sunscreen and you: the uncoated, goopy facts about sun protection

TORONTO- Walk into any store and you’ll find shelves packed tightly with a variety of sunscreens.

While there are many brands,  sunscreens work in one of two ways; either reflect or absorb UV radiation. 632 more words