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My Poor, Abandoned Readers!

Dear readers,

I know it has been literally 4 months since my last post, but I can explain. It’s not you, it’s definitely me. I’ve just had the craziest summer ever, and the aim of this post is just to update you on that, as well as to get back into the routine of writing blog posts as we head into next semester at university. 1,162 more words

Chapter 3: Middle School, Bullies, and New Emotions.

Disclaimer: As I sit here watching a Nicholas Sparks film, I find myself thinking about my more recent past and how I shared the specific story with some young women a few weeks back and how I want to share it here but we’re just not to that part of the story of me yet. 1,136 more words

Chapter 2: The Long Ride There and Back

Since Uveitis was a rare case, I was sent to Johns Hopkins’ Wilmer Eye Institute for better guidance.  Since being diagnosed and the time it took to gain an appointment at Wilmer Eye, I was missing school due to light sensitivity and my Pap (my mom’s dad) moved into our house due to health situations.   1,035 more words

You Don't Define Me

My life is less than glamorous at the moment. On paper, it’s the epitome of dull, and somewhat depressing. I am a stay-at-home wife, not yet a mother, with few social hobbies and even fewer social inclinations. 1,506 more words

Living With Bipolar

No More Bread and Dr. Wahls

I had an interesting week of eating a vegan diet.  Although I was very faithful, it really didn’t go very well.  I know, I know, it takes time for your body to adjust.  771 more words




  • Inflammation of the iris, ciliary body and.or choroid (the coloured bodies of the eye)
  • Diagnosis of exclusion


  • All anatomy
    • Probability diagnosis: Idiopathic (1/3)
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