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Position Battles: QB, RB, DB, ST

QB: This certainly has been the most publicized position battle throughout the off-season; however, Coach Pete finally threw us a bone today. He announced that Jeff Lindquist, a Redshirt Sophomore from Mercer Island HS, will be the starting quarterback against Hawaii next weekend, but seemed non-committal to name Lindquist the starter past week one. 661 more words

Husky Football

Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker

This is USS, Canadian Rocker/HipHopper/AcousticJammerz.  This duo originated from West Toronto and have been BLOWING up the past few years.  I read an interview once with Human Kebob and Ash and they stated that their sound is like a acoustic rave at a campfire…right on. 64 more words

Another Happy Camper

Thursday found me hitting the road for another outdoor adventure in Seattle. I love Thursdays almost as much as Fro-Yo Friday because it’s the one day of the week I know I’ll be going to Yogurtland. 608 more words

July 14: Witchcraft in Holt

Paper clippings create my new identity. I suppose my previous identity was composed of clippings of one kind or another anyway. My family, friends, and I created the glue that held it all together, but the individual scraps came from any number of places. 381 more words


August 7: Musings on my Final Project

It all started with chickens. What’s not to love about them? They make fun sounds, they’re silly, they lay delicious eggs, and sometimes they cross the road (I still haven’t figured out why). 530 more words


August 2: Uninspired in Akureyri

This journal entry, like the entry from the Westmans, is crowd sourced from my fellow travelers. I was thoroughly uninspired by Akureyri, so I thought I’d ask everyone to describe their experience of the second largest city in Iceland with one adjective. 29 more words


MGMT, not just a great band

Today is the day for Evan to begin chemotherapy.  He will be taking a pill known as temodar for five days of a 28 day schedule.  358 more words