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My second semester at UW Madison has come into full swing! I’m already going into my third week of class (sort of freaky how fast time is flying by). 374 more words


We're (Not) Lost

Over the last few days I have become increasingly better at finding my way around.  I can not only get myself to and from school, but I can find my friends’ houses who also live in my neighborhood of Zapote, get to the two different malls within walking distance, find the Zapote festival grounds, and successfully get myself to downtown San José via the bus.   1,072 more words

Second Semester of Second Year of College

It’s hard to believe that I’ll be starting my second semester of my second year of college in a few weeks. Let me just say, I am beyond nervous for the next four and a half months of my life. 347 more words


Yesterday, as I got smoothies with friends before going on a bus tour of San José, we were joking about how true the phrase “you learn something new every day” is proving to be here, saying “we learn something new every minute.” And that’s not as hyperbolic as you might guess, because the culture shock is really real. 1,266 more words

One of Us

The class I was most excited for at the beginning of this semester was called Religion In Global Perspective.  I wanted to learn more about different world religions, and while my class did examine South Eastern Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity, it was ultimately not what I expected.   516 more words

A World Without Finals (Complaints)

Even more unimaginable than a world without finals is a world without complaints about finals.  Whether it’s about the ludicrous amount of material our cumulative finals will hold, the time we are forced to wake up or to put off our Winter Breaks to take the exams themselves, or simply our vehement desire for naps, Netflix, and to not wanting to have anything to do with finishing our semesters, the complaints are seemingly endless. 443 more words