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A Positive Learning Experience in Journalism

My individual story about the Figure Skating Club of the University of Wisconsin became a success after the second interview.

I really could not wrap my head around the idea of creating my own angles and story types before the individual story (IS) and now seeing the research that goes into the process of telling a story through different media makes me understand it more fully. 377 more words


More Than a Story: A Journey

After many transcriptions, AP style  errors, infographic struggles, re-transcriptions and late nights of writing, it feels fantastic to be done.

Being able to come up with a concept that interests me that I could investigate, learn about and transform into a creative story through the ‘ 371 more words

The Nation's Fight With Minimum Wage's Importance

With the arguments for and against raising the minimum wage to $10.10 or even $9.50, and the potential effects this would cause, I wanted to evaluate what could happen either way. 496 more words


Ten Years Down the Line...

I’ve always stood by my opinion that reading a magazine is an experience like no other. There’s something about being graced with that brand new glossy gift appear in your mailbox (or in these days, your tablet) every month. 607 more words