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An Islamic Nation

Religion is a large part of Uzbekistan’s culture and way of life, specifically the religion of Islam. Somewhere between 75-80% of the country’s population identifies as Muslim, and the other remaining people could be Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, or even atheist. 306 more words

Where cotton is excessively expensive

In 2010, in a German conversation course in Munich, the teacher asked the students to identify one very expensive item in our countries and explain the colleagues the reasons behind it. 372 more words

Давр кимники?

Сочлари узун, кўзлари чақнаб турган, жуда чиройли кийинган ёш қиз менга энг қиммат университетлардан бирида ўқишни ташлаб кетгани ҳақида гапириб ўтирибди. Нима қилсам экан, дейди. Ҳозир ишлаяпман (ойисининг бизнесида), пул топсам, ўзим машина олсам бўлади, йилига бир марта саёҳат қилишим мумкин, ялло қилиб юраман, ўқиб нима қилдим.


Book Review: The Lost Heart of Asia by Colin Thubron

A Reno Signal Book Review: The Lost Heart of Asia by Colin Thubron

The Lost Heart of Asia. Colin Thubron. London: Harper Perennial, 1994. 374 pages, includes one map, an interview with Thubron, an essay by The Times (London) columnist Julia Llewellyn Smith, comments from critics and Thubron’s personal travel reading recommendations. 943 more words


The most important book in the world?

The title may make a grand claim, so I had best state my case clearly. Looking at the picture below you may have rightly assumed it to be a Quran, but I am not making a case for the Quran in itself, although a reasonable argument could be made. 802 more words

Caucasus/Central Asia

Visa notes

A lot of people have asked how we got on with and how we went about applying for all our various visas so I have out the following note together to help. 1,330 more words

Čebulni kruh (Uzbekistan)

SESTAVINE: 6 žlic masla, 1.5 skodelice sesekljane čebule, ¾ skodelice tople vode, žlička soli, 3 skodelice črne moke.

PRIPRAVA: Sesekljano čebulo prepražimo na žlici masla in ohladimo. 42 more words