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Upcoming Version 4 Features: Auto-Reposting

Version 4 is coming out soon. One of the most important new features is a completely redone auto-reposting.

Auto-reposting in version 3 was done as on/off switch per network and separate include/exclude property per each post. 184 more words


Manipulating data of OData v4 services with Olingo

In a previous post, we saw how to access data of OData v4 services with Olingo (see http://templth.wordpress.com/2014/12/03/accessing-odata-v4-service-with-olingo/). We will focus now on how to manipulate these data. 1,590 more words


Accessing data of OData v4 services with Olingo

Olingo (http://olingo.apache.org) is a framework that implements the OData specification. Its provides support for its latest version, the version 4, for both client and server sides. 3,370 more words


Wordpress Tahamata V4 Film Teması Ücretsiz İndir

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Populating non-integrated DNS for Active Directory

While setting up a couple of VMs on my test system recently it occurred to me that being able to automate DNS updates with the records required for Active Directory would be useful – partciularly for environments where AD DNS integration cannot be enabled (whether for technical or procedural reasons). 543 more words