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For the fainthearted

If you don’t want to get into Tamagotchi because you have a fear of pets dying, and the inevitability of batteries dying, ALL the Tamagotchi connections have a download option where if your battery does you won’t lose your beloved pet. 13 more words

Deploying printers with PowerShell

I’ve mentioned before that my department is a mixed-platform environment; as such any infrastructure service has to be configured in such a way as to minimise the maintenance overhead, and ensure that users on all platforms can use the service easily. 951 more words


Bulk-downloading files with PowerShell

Having seen Eric Ligman’s MSDN Blogpost a little while ago containing links to over 100 free Microsoft Ebooks, I wondered if it was possible to automate the download process. 315 more words


Nappies, nappies, nappies

I started using cloth nappies when my daughter was two months old, thanks to a trial bucket provided by a scheme from my local council, and some very enthusiastic mums. 405 more words